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I am now 13,000 words into the fourth novella of the sci-fi thriller series.  This means I am officially over the halfway point.  I figure I have about two more novellas to write when this is done, bringing the series to six novellas total.  It might possibly be three more novellas.  I’m trying to decide how long to play out a couple of subplots I got going.  At this point, I’ve handed over the reins to the characters who are–finally–telling me what to do.  I swear, with romance, the characters talk to me as soon as I start writing, but with this series, the characters have been way too compliant to do whatever I wanted.  I’m used to sassy characters who insist on doing things their way.  Finally, these characters are getting an attitude.

My goal for each novella is 15,000 words.  The fourth novella, The Mark, is due out at the end of next month, and since I’m 2,000 words shy of my goal, that shouldn’t be a problem.  (Sigh of relief)


I’m going to try to finish the whole series up next month.  Currently, I am 57,000 words into the series.  So when I’m done with this novella, I should be at 60,000 because I see this novella being more than 15,000 words, to be honest.  I know the end of this novella and a couple scenes need to take place first.   

Warning: contains spoilers!

So novella #4 is where the second round of vanishings occur.  Devon tries to quit but can’t.  Alex is healed but is it for the better or the worse?  Autumn’s given up on asking “why”.  Super soldiers are introduced.

Novella #5 hopeful plan: People start taking the RFID chip.  The alien leader announces himself as God.  The chip is mandatory.  Autumn gets a tip on where the vanished people might have been sent to and starts to “care” again.  People start taking sides on where they will stand in the upcoming final war (also called “the big event” by the aliens). 

Novella #6 hopeful plan: Autumn goes to the underground base in Dulce, New Mexico.  Devon is also there but am not sure why, but it’s important he is.  Autumn sees what has happened to the people who went through the second vanishing.  She is captured by the Reptilians and sent to the blond.  Devon’s mind control (from novella 2) is now used to cause her harm.  I’m not sure how, but the two manage to escape the underground base. 

Novella #7 (if 5 and 6 get too long) hopeful plan: Devon and Autumn fly to his hideout in Alaska.  Alex and Vanessa get a lead on where the two are at and (having taken the chip) are now controlled by the aliens so they seek them out to kill them.  Meanwhile, the final battle takes places in Megiddo (yeah, the infamous end times one) where the battle between Satan and God (much like the one fought long ago in Heaven) is now taking place on Earth. 

So I guess I’m looking at about roughly 40,000 to 45,000 more words which puts me in the 100,000 word range when all is said and done.  Wow.  Who would have thought dabbling in some conspiracy theories would take so long?

This is what I’m working on after the Alien series is done or maybe even as I write the alien series.  We’ll see.  This story has been nagging me for the past three months.  It’s about a man who marries his deceased wife’s sister because her parents die and leave her with nothing to support herself. 

I’m thinking of either making the hero Eliza’s real son or one of Mary and Dave’s sons.  Yeah, I know.  I’d be writing the Larson series out of order if I made it one of Mary and Dave’s sons, but I don’t get inspired to write about the Larsons in any kind of order.  I have to write it as I get passionate about it.

Just Good Friends

I’m thinking of making this a Christmas romance.  It’s contemporary and will hopefully be a comedy.  Since I’m thinking of making it a Christmas romance, the first draft will have to wait until this summer to be written.  This puts Bride of Second Chances before it.


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