My To Write List For Next Year

It’s that time of year again.  The time where I sit down and plan out what I’ll write in the upcoming year.  What I should specify is this is a ‘plan’.  It’s subject to change depending on my whims.  😀

1.  Start back up with Brave Beginnings on my First Draft blog.  This happens on Jan. 1.

2. Finish the first draft of Return of the Aliens Series

I finished novella #4 last night.  Yay!  I have started novella #5.  There’s now no doubt in my mind the whole series will be 7 novellas total.  I plan to be done with the whole thing by the end of January.  Then I have vowed to never write another sci-fi thriller for as long as I live.  LOL  Look, I am enjoying this series a lot, but let’s face it…my heart is in romance and always will be.

3.  End of January: Publish Novella #4 of the Return of the Aliens Series.

Now that the first draft of this novella is done, I know this is going to happen.  😀

4.  Write first draft of Bride of Second Chances in February and March.

It’ll be a historical romance.  This is going to be based on Eliza’s real son.  He’s going to lose his first wife due to cholera or some other illness.  Then her sister will lose her parents and since he feels bound by duty to his first wife to take care of her sister since her sister was also her best friend, he marries her to support her.  They agree it’s marriage in name only, but over time, he begins to fall in love with her and feels like he’s betraying his first wife even though she’s dead.  In the meantime, his father will die (only remaining parent he has left), and he’ll find out he was adopted.  From there, he and his second wife go to find his birth mother which will lead us to South Dakota where we’ll see Eliza, John, Lucy and Brian.  😀

5.  Finish Brave Beginnings.  Start Bound by Honor, Bound by Love on the First Draft blog sometime in April or May.

This will be Citlali and Onawa’s story, but I plan to bring in a good amount of scenes with Julia and Chogan, and I’ll bring in Penelope and Cole (from A Chance In Time) with the orphans.

6.  I plan to publish Bid for a Bride sometime in March.

7.  After I finish with Bride of Second Chances, I plan to write Isaac’s Decision.

I know technically, Joel Larson’s story and Dave and Mary’s second story comes before this book, but I really want to write this book.  I’m not so inspired to write the other two.  So I’m going to be writing the Nebraska series out of order.  I’ve come to realize if I’m not motivated to write a book, I can’t write it.

This is going to be Mary and Dave’s oldest son’s story.  Isaac is going to resist his feelings for Emily because Dave has ingrained into his children to never marry with a Craftsman child since Dave doesn’t want to be related to Neil (because of events that happened in Eye of the Beholder).  Needless to say, Emily is in love with Isaac and does everything she can to get his attention.  And it works.  The two end up eloping, but then they have to return home and face their parents. 

8.  Before Isaac’s Bride, I might write the second 15,000 to 20,000 word novella in the Montana Grooms series. 

For anyone who read The Keeping of Greg Wilson, you’ll remember Greg mentioned a widower with a couple of kids named Mitch.  Well, in this story, Mitch saves a single woman from being gambled off and marries her since he needs a mother for his children.  I’m thinking of making the woman a Native American woman but am not sure yet.

9.  By the summer, I want to publish Brave Beginnings.

10.  Start on Just Good Friends late summer.

This is going to be a Christmas romance.  Those who’ve read What Nathan Wants will remember Nathan had a friend/co-worker who was Tyler Jackson (Ryan Jackson’s cousin from With This Ring, I Thee Dread).  Well, in this story, Tyler and Tiffany have been friends for years, and she’s got to go home for Thanksgiving to visit her parents.  Tyler goes for moral support since she dreads these family gatherings. While there, her parents are harassing her about not being married while her younger sister is married and pregnant.  So Tyler has enough and says that he and Tiffany are married.  Then they return to Omaha thinking the whole charade is over when her parents announce they’ll be visiting for Christmas.  I hope it’ll be a comedy.

11.  Publish Mith’s Win, Bride of Second Chances, and Isaac’s Decision at some point.

12.  Publish Just Good Friends in late October to get ready for the Christmas season sales.

13.  Start another book on my First Draft blog.  Not sure which one at this point, and I’m not sure when I’ll start it.  It depends on when I finish Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.   

I am determined to do all these stories, and I foresee having to take lots of ‘marketing and online breaks’ to make this happen.  😀

14.  I’d like to have Bound by Honor, Bound by Love published by the end of next year.

15.  I hope to do National Novel Writing Month again with a new book.  Question is which book?  😀

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  1. Holy crap! I hope to finish one book and one sort story collection :p Makes me feel like a slacker!

    By the way, the cover for Bid for a Bride really jumped out at me. Excellent!

    • Thanks for the feedback on Bid for a Bride. I’m hoping it’ll be one of my better selling books. *fingers crossed*

      I’m changing the Aliens cover. I want it more ‘thrillerish’ since it’s primarily a thriller. I’m going to scan over some photos at dreamstime and see if anything ‘speaks to me’.

      You also do covers and proofing and comics and I’m sure lots of other things. With me, it’s just my stories.

      Good luck on your projects!

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