For Those of You Reading My Sci-Fi (Return of the Aliens) Series: Please Read This

I do have the fourth novella in the  Return of the Alien series.


I’ve decided to complete the first draft of the rest of the series (three more novellas).  I am now working on novella 5 and hope to finish that and novellas 6 and 7 by the end of January.  So I could go a couple of ways with this.  I could publish each novella every three or four months, like I’ve been doing so far with this series.  Or I could wait and publish the whole series (novellas 1-7) as one complete book before this summer. 

I’ve decided it’s best for everyone to wait and publish the whole thing as one book.  I’ve decided to ask $2.99 for the whole thing, and when all is said and done, I think it’ll be close to 100,000 words.  I was going to charge $3.99 because that is what I ask for my 100,000+ words romances, but since this is a sci-fi thriller with supernatural elements (from the Christian slant), I figure I’m hitting a very niche market with this one and don’t expect this book to make or break the bank (so to speak). 

Plus, now that I am charging $0.99 for novellas at 15,000 words, I don’t want to charge $0.99 for novellas 3-7 (equaling $4.95) when I could lump the whole thing together for $2.99.  In fact, I think I’ll take down the third novella and just let novellas 1 and 2 stay up for free.  That way people can decide if they want to keep reading the series or not. 

But I do want to go ahead and write the whole series out in January and work with my editor.  There’s a lot of things that weave in and out of this series, and to be honest, I’ve done a lot more research and work on this series than any of my romances.  That’s not to say that I don’t take my romances seriously, but the sci-fi series has involved hours of research into conspiracy theories and Biblical studies not often recognized by the denominational churches (like the idea that UFOs are real and pre-flood Noah days involved DNA manipulation between human and fallen angels). 

So yes, I admit and am telling everyone right now, there is a Christian slant to the series, but I am not going to get preachy in it.  I started the Left Behind series and couldn’t finish because the authors were too preachy.  Those of you familiar with my romances will know how I approach Christian themes into my work.  If an underlying Christian theme is something that will turn you off, I suggest you avoid reading the full book.  (I felt it only safe to warn you. :D)

So bottom line: I’m not going to release The Mark (the fourth novella) at the end of January.  Instead, I’m going to finish the entire series in January, send it off to my editor for a thorough breakdown, and then publish the whole series as one book before June 1.  I’m going to make June 1 my “no later than” date.

Thanks for understanding.

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6 Responses to For Those of You Reading My Sci-Fi (Return of the Aliens) Series: Please Read This

  1. Nothing wrong with a Christian slant. I think that kind of thing comes through, unless authors purposely try to make sure it doesn’t. I noticed that even in my vampire books Katelina prays more than once.

    Well then, I will now just wait and get the whole thing together :p

    • It seems impossible that some aspect of our lives would not end up somewhere in our work. And honestly, I think parts of oursevles should be in our work or else it’ll lack passion.

  2. Grandpa says:

    Congratulations on ALL you accomplished!! I’m very excited about the conclusion of this sci-fi series and am super-impressed with all the trailers you’ve made for your books and the new animation techniques you’ve come up with (is there a children’s animated book line in the future?) Best wishes always and HAPPY 2011!

    • Thanks! The truth is there’s nothing to those book trailers. I take a one month subscription through for $35 (so I don’t have to have their logo on the video and can do multiple pen names). Then I buy the royalty stock pictures off of for about $3 to $7 a picture. Animoto has the music. I have occassionally bought mini videos off of istock photo for $10 or $20 to insert into the book trailer but animoto has some video clips in their stock (along with some pictures) as well. Then you select the style of the video you want (they have several to choose from) and then put the information about the video in. After that it does it’s work and let’s you know when the video is ready to view. I usually go through five to six edits before I’m satisfied with the final product. But after that, you can upload the video to You Tube, download it directly to your computer (this is how I upload to You Tube for my pen name), and upload to Facebook. Most of my readers are over on Facebook, so that is why I concentrate my efforts in that direction.

      Anyway, after using windows movie maker and getting booted out of the program, having to buy music, and realizing the quality wasn’t as good, I opted to go with animoto. It saves on time and money.

      But don’t tell anyone it’s that easy. 😉

  3. avatar lover says:

    Hey i just started reading the first book and loved i really like it. I just realized the christian slant you put onto it. I loved the left behind series, and i also like sci fi and fantasy. So great job on combining the two! Also im reading these books on my nook. i just wanted two know if all the books will be free on the nook. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I am going to offer a coupon on Smashwords for a free download if you’re interested in that. I would offer it free in general, but then Amazon would dock my asking price which is going to be $2.99. They would knock it down to $0.89 or something like they did with some other books I had up for awhile. Because of that, I have to put $2.99 on Smashwords and then B&N when it uploads over there.

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