My Publisher May Decide To Quit the Company and Making a Plan For the Year to Either Sink or Swim

As I write this, I can’t help but laugh.  This person is a good friend, and I understand why she’d reconsider her idea for the publishing business.  She’s a busy woman.  A mom of young children, has books of her own to write and market, helps her husband maintain a ranch, and has to be a wife on top of all that.  So I understand how overwhelmed she’s probably feeling.

Heck, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed myself.  This year, I’ve decided to cut back on a lot of other things (like actively going out there to promote my books) so I can concentrate more on writing new books and publishing them. 

For everything you want to do or have to do, you have to give up something else.  I’ve decided this is the year I’m going to try to make a living at this writing gig.  Should I fail, I’ll probably end up working outside the home and won’t be writing more than one book a year because if my job switches from writing to something else, my focus will go somewhere else.  This is why I had to put a price tag on my books.  I’ll never make a living writing if I don’t.  Just like if I work outside the home, I can’t afford to do it for free. 

So I understand why my publisher may want to call it quits.  There’s no way I’m going to be a publisher for the exact same reason: too many other commitments already. 

Since this is the case, I’ve decided that if my publisher throws in the towel (so to speak), I’ll take down my pen name.  I do not want to go through the hassle of creating a publishing brand so I can publish via Smashwords under my name.  I will drop my pen name and then modify those books so they can be published under my real name.  And who knows?  Maybe that is the route God wants me to go.  I’ve prayed that He makes the call.  Above all else, I seek to do His Will.   So for those of you who enjoy my pen name’s books, there’s no need to worry because the books will still get out there.  I’ll just tone them down in certain places.  😀

I’ve also committed myself to working outside the home if that is where He leads me.  This might be the last year I’ll be writing as much as I do.  So far, I feel I’ve been exactly where He wants me.  The work I do, I do in hopes of glorifying Him.  Should He decide I belong outside the home to work, then I will go that route.  All I know right now is this year and what the plan is.  I’ll give it my best shot.  In total, I plan to release about 9 to 11 books.  I have three done and two halfway done.  So I’m close to halfway toward my goal.  I’ve decided it’s time to sink or swim.  And that is why I’ll be pushing myself hard this year.  My husband retires from the military in Feb. 2012.    That’s why this is the year I have to push myself.

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  1. Cheryl K says:

    Nice article. Whatever you decide to do I wish you well. I do enjoy your books and hope you still keep writing, even if it is one book a year

  2. Good luck! I know what you mean. I keep doing covers this month coz i need the $$$$

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