Going to Try Ads and Kindleboards

Regarding my post ‘Thoughts on Giving and Receiving Feedback’, I didn’t realize it posted twice.  I thought it hadn’t gone through so I pasted it into another post.  My computer was doing it’s ‘freeze up’ game again.  I know.  I probably need to get another computer soon.  This XP system is getting old anyway.  😛  So I’m sorry for the double post earlier today.


So tonight I was talking to a friend who has been doing really well in Kindle sales, as in ranking in the top 1000 for Amazon.  At last check, she was at 790.  I can’t remember what my highest was back in the day.  Time passes much too fast, and my memory’s not so great with all the things I got to do for four kids and three different schools (preschool, one downtown for deaf and hard of hearing children, and the local one).

Anyway, my friend pointed out two things that’s worked for her that I haven’t tried yet, and since they’re simple, I figure, ‘Why not?’


The first is buying ad/banner space on a site that gets some good traffic.  So I went ahead and bought a small book cover ad for Night Owl Reviews and another at Coffee Times Romance.  One was $30 for one month, and the other $10 for a month.  The reason I opted for cheap enough and small is because I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’ve never done this before, so I took my disposable income for this month and asked myself, ‘If I were to flush money down the toilet, how much could I flush without losing the ability to buy groceries?’  And that was the total I came up with between what was being offered.  Hey, when I’m not familiar with something, I think ‘worst case scenario’ and act within my comfort zone.

I figure Night Owl Reviews and Coffee Time Romance should be two sites that will attract a good number of romance readers.  I also notice some publishers have ads there and am thinking in a year or two my publisher friend might want to try that (once she has some more books under her belt).  Another author is going to try a Facebook ad, and I have no idea if that would be profitable or not, but hey, why not?  That will be on my ‘To Try’ list this year.  I figure I’ll do a little bit here and a little bit there and see what happens.


The other thing my author friend mentioned was Kindleboards.  I went there tonight but didn’t see any topics that jumped out at me, so I didn’t comment.  There were a couple I was going to participate in, but all I’d be doing was echoing what others already said, and I see no point to contribute to a discussion when I have nothing new to say.  So tonight was a bust.  I’ll try again in a couple days.

It’ll be interesting to see if these yield any significant results, which I guess means, I better start checking my sales on a consistent basis because I’ll never know if any of this is working if I don’t go out there and track sales.  Fortunately, the past couple of months will give me my baseline.  You got to have a starting point.

On to a side note…

As for Self-Published Author’s Lounge, I was really happy to see that about 35 authors and 60 books made it up on the Books by Indie Authors list.  (Now, I must add the disclaimer that my kids were screaming and calling out for me while I was counting, so I might be off a bit, but this is a good ballpark estimate.)  And even better, there was a wide variety of genres represented!  The list will grow as I do updates (one around May–probably–and the other in December).  This year, I’ve decided one of the things I want to do is make an easy to find page on the Self-Published Author’s Lounge where indie authors can share their books with anyone who happens to stop by.

I’m so excited about where the Self-Published Author’s Lounge is headed!  We have a great group of authors over there.  They are so supportive and encouraging.  Even better, our stats are steadily climbing!  This time last year, Stephannie Beman, Joleene Naylor, and I started the blog.  We had 119 views last January.  In June we were at 475.  Then in August, we saw our first 1,000.  This month so far, we have 3249 views!  This is the power of authors coming together for support, and after spending a good portion of last year running into authors who are competing and hearing stories of competing authors, it’s been a blessing to find authors who pull together.  There’s a great group of people listed on that Books by Indie Authors list.  So I was thrilled to be able to post their books up.  😀

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Ruth Ann Nordin mainly writes historical western romances and Regencies. From time to time, she branches out to contemporaries romances and other genres (such as science fiction thrillers). For more information, please go to www.ruthannnordin.com or check out https://ruthannnordinauthorblog.wordpress.com.
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3 Responses to Going to Try Ads and Kindleboards

  1. Stacy-Deanne says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Great post. I’ve heard the Kindle boards get a lot of traffic and thought of checking them out myself but man I got forum burnout! LOL! I think I’ve finally reached my limit and I just don’t feel like getting involved in another forum. I also wonder if the Kindle boards are better than the other Amazon boards or do members harass authors and assume they are only there to spam? Maybe the Kindle boards are nicer. I might cruise through there once but I don’t wanna be bombarded by a bunch of authors hocking their Kindle books too. If they talk about other stuff and things that are interesting, fine. But I wonder if it’s just a free-for-all for authors to advertise and spam. I have no problem with promotion (you know that) but I don’t want a board full of it. LOL!

    About ads, the thing with Coffee Time and Night Owl is you’d probably be better off doing a guest blog for them. That’s what I’d do. I think guest blogs and actually being featured does better for an author more than an ad unless the author is real big. (No knock to you, Ruth, of course). I just mean that most times it’s the authors and pubs who don’t need the attention that benefit from it anyway. Plus pubs have those ad spaces locked. I wonder if authors can fairly compete when readers are so attracted to a certain pub. It never hurts to try and I know those are good prices but just make sure whatever you do, it’s gonna work for you and be the most help for you. You want promo that’s gonna give you attention and if you pay for an ad on a site, make sure it accomplishes what you want.

    NO and CT are wonderful sites. You can become an author member of CT like me and get an inside invitation to a lot of free perks for authors. They have a lot of advertising opportunities for free in Coffee Time. Just choose what you do carefully. I am kind of surprised you wanna do an ad because it doesn’t seem like you. It’s cool to do different thing. I understand you wanting to branch out and that’s always a good thing.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Stacy-Deanne says:

    One more thing, you should be targeting CT and NO for reviews as well. That would be the best form of promotion. I don’t know if you reach out to review sites but that’s another way to broaden your audience.

    • Well, I checked kindle boards last night and pretty much saw nothing but what seemed like book promos. I remember several months ago when there was a wide range of author topics. I don’t know if this ‘this is my book’ is a trend or a wave of posts going through, so I’ll be periodically checking it for a month. If I don’t see a change, I’ll drop it. My friend who got mentioned on JA Konrath’s blog got on there because she reported selling 1000 books in one month on the kindle boards and got a special mention over there. But she also got more sales after participating in the boards too. So both worked to her advantage. This is why I thought I’d check the boards out.

      The same friend said she did an ad at Coffee Times Romance and have been getting an increase of hits to her site, which is why I opted to go with an ad. I am just getting my feet wet with this, so that is why I’m starting small and cheap. I have no idea what I’m doing in this area. But I want to work my way up to getting featured and do a guest blog later this year. Right now is what I consider my ‘trial’ period. I’m especially interested in if I can trust them to post the ad after I buy it. I once paid a book trailer making company upfront and never got the trailer, so that is why I’m shy about getting invested in something I haven’t tried before.

      Night Owl actually reviewed one of my books last year (and I got a Top Pick). It was a very pleasant surprise. I opted to do the $30 ad there, but again and used the book they reviewed. Again, I’m seeing how this round works.

      Zoe Winters talked about doing a Facebook ad, so I’ve been thinking of trying that for Kate Page.

      At this point, I’m still focusing on Ruth. Unless Kate ends up making more than Ruth, I see no reason to get too heavily invested.

      I think part of my problem was reaching people who didn’t want to pay for books, so my friend, Melanie Nilles (sorry I didn’t give her name sooner) suggested the people going to CT and NO are paying customers so I’d do better to focus over there. That’s why I chose them.

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