My TBR List for January-February

By making this official, maybe I’ll actually get these books read.  My goal is to read 1 to 1.5 books a week.  I read slow, and I read here and there. 

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not a book reviewer, nor am I looking for books to review.  These are books I have selected of my own free will.  I select the books I want to read.  If you email me about your book, I’ll probably ignore you. 

Anyway, here’s my list.  I will have to refer to this later so I can cross it off to feel like I’m accomplishing something.  I hate feeling idle.

1. Surviving the Theseus by Randy Noble

I started this today.  While the kids were in school, I snuggled up in bed and listened to this off the text to speech feature on my Kindle.  I’m now at Chapter 9 (short chapters).  So far, so good.  But then, I enjoy his work and expect this book to live up to what I’ve read in the past.

2.  7 Habits of a Highly Ineffective Person (And 3 Others That Are Pretty Bad Too) by Aaron G Niz.


3.  Legacy of Ghosts by Joleene Naylor.  This is next.  I’ve had this book for months now, so yeah, it’s time I got around to it.

4.  Distracted by Madeline Sloane

5.  The Skeptic by Aaron G Niz.

I know it’s two books by one author, and my aim to spread authors out, but this one has a thriller/horror feel to it (and I have a weakness for horror.  I know–a romance author who also loves horror.  Actually, in some ways, I prefer things more edgy than romance.  Go figure.  :P)

6.  January Moon by Maureen Gill. 

Another thriller.  I hear it has some edge to it too.  Should be interesting.

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