New Cover for An Unlikely Place for Love

Consistently for the past year, An Unlikely Place for Love has been one of my worst sellers.  So I’m going to try a new cover and see if this helps me sell more copies.  The fact is people really do judge a book by its cover, and the more attractive the cover, the more copies I tend to sell of my books.  I liked the old cover, but apparently, not enough people do to make it worth keeping.

Here’s the old cover:

An Unlikely Place for Love: The Revised Version

So here’s the new cover for this book:

Would you believe I uploaded the new cover an hour ago and Amazon has already updated it for the Kindle version of the book?  Wow.  I’ve never seen Amazon move that fast before.  Maybe it’s because I did this early in the day.  lol

Anyway, we’ll see if the cover change helps boost sales or not.  The old one wasn’t working.  Maybe it’s because in romance, people don’t tend to buy a single woman on the image.  Now, if she was a bride, then it might have worked. 

I looked for a picture of a bride holding cowboy boots or wearing a cowboy hat, but that didn’t pan out.  So I opted for the couple kissing in the sunset.  I didn’t want to use another bride holding flowers because I already have quite a few of those.  But a couple kissing might work well. 

Yes, I’m aware the language in the book is too modern for that time period, but I’m not going back to rewrite it.  I’m aware I’ll get an increase in 1 and 2 stars if it sells better because the language is too modern, but I will say after receiving many 1 and 2 star reviews, I’ve managed to keep selling well anyway.  So thank goodness it’s really true: reviews might impact sales to a point but they won’t kill decent sales for a book. 

Based on my experience over the past year, I can now say with confidence this: a cover that doesn’t resonate with readers is far more likely to damage your sales than negative reviews.

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    • Thanks. I’ll report back on whether or not it worked to boost sales. And ugg! CreateSpace is being a pain in the butt about letting me change the paperback cover. I used to be able to make full covers that looked professional before CreateSpace ‘upgraded’ to a ‘better’ version. Now I can’t get anything passed by them unless I do their cheesy templates. I think they’re trying to get $299 out of me, but I didn’t make more than $130 off of all my paperbacks last year, so $299 would be a total rip off. Needless to say, I’m doing paperbacks as my private copy and publishing ebooks publicly. I should write a post about this.

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