Surviving The Theseus by Randy Noble

Is this a great cover or what?  What I like most about this cover is that it conveys the tone of the entire book, and that is…suspense with an element of horror.

I thought this was well worth the read, though I have to caution people that there’s mature content in here.  Some of the violence made me cringe (the author did a knock out job of describing it, esp. the scene where Regina shot a guy’s kneecaps and then dug a knife into one of them), and there were a couple of sexual discussions that should be reserved for adult reading only.  Now, sex was never shown in the book, but let’s just say one guy who was bragging on how great he was and then going into a description of one of his exploits bordered on the gross side.  That conversation wasn’t the main focus of the book, and I believe it was only two or so screen’s worth of information on my Kindle as I read it (not sure how that translates to in a paperback).  But anyway, that’s the kind of ‘mature audience reading’ I’m talking about.

Now that I got that disclaimer out of the way, I’ll say that I did enjoy the book.  Most of the book was thriller based–having nothing to do with violence or sex.  It was about finding out why in the world 99% of the people aboard a luxury space ship suddenly vanished, leaving only their clothes behind.

This is the task Regina has taken upon herself to find out.  Regina is a SOAD officer on vacation because a group is out and about killing all of the SOAD officers, so she’s in hiding (so to speak).  Except someone from the group finds out who she is and drugs her.  When she wakes up, about 99% of the people aboard the ship have disappeared.  So she arms herself and prepares to fight whatever enemy is responsible for this. She runs into two people who may or may not have the answers as to what is going on, and I really enjoyed snippets of the conversation where Regina overhears the man and woman debating whether or not to tell Regina everything they know.  Meanwhile, there’s a group of people who are given the task of finding the space ship Regina is on, and when they get on board Regina’s ship, some of the dots start connecting up because Regina’s two companions (and I use that term loosely) are finally beginning to talk.

I’d say the best part of this book was the invisible enemy that hunted them down.  There was a good reason this enemy was doing it, and I never guessed why so it was a nice twist.  I think people who’ll probably enjoy this book are those who enjoy playing guesswork on what is going on.  I had my guesses and each one was wrong.  😀

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