Bid for a Bride Comes Out Next Week, Proofing for Brave Beginnings, and March is my Next NaNo Month

Bid for a Bride will be published Next Week!

I did some rearranging in my year-long planner tonight.  I am officially ahead on Bid for a Bride and will be done with polishing it up as good as it’s going to be by Monday.  Yay!

So I’m planning to publish Bid for a Bride on Smashwords on Monday.  I’ll upload it to Kindle too, but this will take about two or so days to show up on Amazon.  As for places like B&N, Sony, Apple, Disel, and Kobo, expect to wait anywhere from two to eight weeks.  I think three or four months could even be likely for some of those sites.  Smashwords takes care of the upload to those places so I don’t have to worry about it.

I was going to hold off on polishing up Brave Beginnings until March and April (doing one chapter a day), but then I sat down tonight and looked at my planner.  With Bid for a Bride out of the way, I can work on two chapters a day in Brave Beginnings and be done with it by Feb. 28.  My proofreader has already finished looking it over for me, so it’s a matter of going through it and seeing what I can find too.

Now, this means I could (potentially) have Brave Beginnings out in March or early April instead of May.  I’ll have to see how things go.  After inquiring about which cover people preferred, this is the one that got the most votes.  Thanks for everyone who told me what they liked better!  😀

March: My Next NaNo Month

Since I had so much fun and success with NaNo in November, I decided to take a couple of months this year to do more of those NaNo Writing Marathons.  I figure March will be good since I’ll be done with polishing up all first drafts and have them published or ready for publishing.  So I will be MIA for March so I can work on…

Here’s the info:

Jeremy Graham made a promise to Rebecca, his wife, that he would never love another woman.  A year after her death, her parents die.  Since Jane has no one to provide for her, Jeremy feels a sense of duty to help Rebecca’s younger sister so he marries her to offer her a home.  But Jane, who has always been shy and content to hide the shadows, begins to stir up old feelings–feelings for which Jeremy isn’t prepared for.  Will a marriage that began out of obligation and necessity give a lonely widower a second chance?

Jeremy is Eliza’s real son, and in this book, he’ll discover he’s adopted and he and Jane will search for Eliza.


I will also continue to work on Life Mate as Kate Page and post Brave Beginnings until I finish up with that book on the blog.  So my blogging will continue uninterrupted.  However, I will be off of kindleboards and other places I stop by from time to time.

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