Made a Decision on Life Mate and Need to Figure out Novella 5 in my Sci-Fi Series (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

Okay.  It’s official.  I revised Life Mate last night and like it much better as a ‘Ruth’ book.  The story hasn’t changed, and the romance will be steamier (not erotic but hotter) than what I typically write, but I’m tired of being jealous of ‘Kate’.  I know, I know.  Why should I be jealous of Kate?  Well, I love Life Mate more than I loved Substitute Bride.  Kate can have Substitute Bride.  But I was feeling possessive of Life Mate.

It’s hard to describe, but since Life Mate is my favorite contemporary romance, I see no reason to hand it over to my pen name.  Before I decided on it though, I needed to be sure the story stayed intact, and I’m  happy to report it did.  In fact, I think it’s better.  I removed some language and two sex scenes.  That was all I did to it.  This has to be a steamy novel, though.  I mean, this guy came from a world without women, and he came to find a life mate (aka wife) who he can have children with.  So yeah, sex has to be a big part of the book.  However, there will be the uncertainty he’ll experience as he learns about the ups and downs of being in love.  That part comes into play after he discovers sex.  The emotional intimacy will take longer to develop.  It’s how the story is set up. 

Basically, the book begins wheere he leaves his home planet to find a life mate.  As soon as he finds her, he establishes the bond (his world’s equivalent of marriage here on Earth).  The bond is established through sex.  I explain why later in the book, but it is necessary to make the plot work.  That is why the sex happens immediately.  That is not my typical venue when I write, but for this story, it works.

Anyway, I’m a lot happier now that Life Mate is all ‘mine’.   😀  Today, I’ll remove Life Mate from Kate’s website, put up the notice on the blog, and then add Life Mate to my website.  I still plan to publish it around June 1.

Now for the Sci-Fi novella 5….  *spoiler alert*!!!!

I need to bring Autumn to Dulce, NM so she and Devon can go to Nightmare Hall on Level 6.  I made a brief mention of it in novella 2 because I planned to take Devon and Autumn there.  I don’t know how to get them there, and worse, I don’t know how to get Alex to find out about Area 51 and what Devon had a hand in what happened to him while he was there.  I’m right at the point where something needs to be done.  Devon’s in a body cast at the hospital and a spiritual fight is going on in his room.  That’s where I’m stuck.  I need to get Autumn to Dulce…but how?  I can’t decide if Devon should be the bait or if Alex should. 

Alex has seen Autumn talking to Devon, and Alex recognizes Devon, but he doesn’t know where from.  He’s right on the brink of remembering.  I’m thinking when Alex gets the chip, it’ll come to him, and when it does, he’s going to be majorly pissed off.  Of course, the chip will enable the fallen angel dna to mix in his system so from here on out, he’s a doomed character.  This was a hard plot point to come to, but there was nothing else I could successfully do with him.  Alex and Autumn were never meant to be together.  I had wanted to do a love triangle between her, Alex and Devon, but she was never fully interested in Alex that way, nor was he fully interested in her that way, though he entertained the idea in novella 5 (hence why the betrayal will be that much worse when he remembers what Devon did to him at Area 51).  From here on out, things are going to drastically change for all three characters in the dynamics of how they relate to each other.

So I’m at this crucial point and my mind is still blank.  I figure I have one or two scene that are missing in my head.  If I could get those puzzles pieces in place, the rest of the series is going to be smooth sailing because I figured out everything else.  I guess I could move forward and skip the scenes that aren’t coming to me.  I did that when I wrote novella 2, and until I read the whole thing after I finished it, I had no idea how the whole thing would sound.  lol 

This has never happened to me with romance.  With romances, the story flows so well.  With this sci-fi series, it’s been one struggle after another.  I think it’s because this series is so intense and layered.  I have different plots weaving in and out of the main one, and I’m trying to stick with a ‘possible’ scenario so that it doesn’t seem too far fetched to be believed, you know what I mean? 

Plus, it needs to line up with the book of Daniel and Revelation (to a point) from the Bible so the time frame things happen are important.  It’s foundation is in Biblical prophecy because this is an end times type of novel.  I don’t go heavy into the book of Revelation.  To do so would require far more than 100,000 words, which is what I’m trying to keep this one down to.  There are so many more things I could add to this series, but I have to limit myself and focus on three characters: Autumn, Alex, and Devon. 

Maybe I’ll just skip over the scenes and do what I know for sure is meant to go into the novel.  I thought writing this post would make a light bulb light up in my head, but my mind is still blank.  Ugg!

And for the record, I do love this series.  It’s just been the most challenging thing I’ve ever written.  😀

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