The Ads and A Goodreads Giveaway

The Ads

Well, as far as the book ads are concerned, I’d have to say the one on Facebook was a bust.  In the time I posted Kate’s book, no one bought it.  The one on Night Owl Reviews did result in some sales.  I sold 11 books as Kate Page on Kindle.  Considering this is Kate’s first book (not counting the short story up on Smashwords), this is pretty good.  It’s better than I did for the first four months when I started up on Kindle as Ruth.  So yes, I consider Night Owl Reviews book ad a success.  Maybe not a huge success, but it’s still a success. 

As for my Eye of the Beholder ad on Coffee Time, I can say that Eye of the Beholder is now my second highest selling book in Kindle.  My contemporary What Nathan Wants is first, which isn’t a surprise since I sell more contemporaries than historicals.  So again, I consider this a success.  I’ve probably sold about 50 more copies so far (and the ad started Feb. 15). 

Edited:  I just checked my Kindle US stats and I was wrong.  Eye of the Beholder is my highest selling book right now.  It hasn’t outsold my contemporary romances in months.  So yes, the ad does work.

Take into consideration that people know who ‘Ruth’ is, but no one knows who ‘Kate’ is.  And (no surprise), the results show that.

So I’d say Facebook ads are a bust, but genre specific ads targeting people who are most likely to be interested in your book is something worth considering.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

If Bid for a Bride’s paperback copy comes in and looks good, I’ll go ahead and enter it for a book giveaway.  I’ll also slip in a free coupon code at Smashwords for an ebook download as well.  So people can win both a paperback and ebook.

I’ve heard two authors report this was a good promotional tool and figure I’ll try it and see what happens.  But only if my paperback is the same quality that a traditional paperback would have.  I can’t send out an inferior product.  The list of countries this would be open to doesn’t make this an easy list to figure out.  I thought it would be either US or worldwide.  I had no idea they’d break up each country in the world.  So I might just stick with the big ones they have at the top to keep it simple.

I’d put up five copies for the giveaway.  Given a potential overseas shipping rate, I’m limiting how many paperbacks I’d send out.  Overseas shipping is expensive, but a good portion of my readers are overseas, and I don’t want to leave them out.  If anyone lives in a country that is not the US, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom and you’d be interested in being a potential winner for the giveaway, please leave a comment below so I know to add your country.  Otherwise, I’m just putting US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

If I do the giveaway, I’ll be sure to report on how it went.  😀

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2 Responses to The Ads and A Goodreads Giveaway

  1. Very cool. Yes, definitely let us know how it goes. If it’s easy I may use that for my next release giveaway instead of the blog contest. I don’t get very many entries on it.

    *crossing fingers that the paperback looks good*

    • I hear you can get a 1000+ entries over on Goodreads, so it sounds promising. Due to two minor glitches in my original paperbacks, I opted to give those to those who follow my first draft blog (with a disclaimer on the two issues I had with it so they’re aware). I touched up the paperback, and it’s perfect now. So April 1 is my new date.

      I’ll make a post on how it goes. 😀

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