Daily Word Count Goals and Goodreads Giveaway

Yeah, I should be sleeping.  What’s sad is that I am behind in proofreading Brave Beginnings.  I don’t know where the day went.  I remember the kids kept coming up to me about this and that.  Then I figured since I wasn’t getting anything done, I might as well go grocery shopping with them.  Big mistake to do after dinner.  Boy, were they wired.  They’re a lot calmer first thing in the morning when I usually take them, unless I go when they’re in school.  But see, when they’re in school, I can sit and do my writing or proofreading without interruptions.  So yeah, it’s a double-edged sword.  Well, kid #3 (the one who is deaf) actually knocked over a jar of salsa on the store floor and kid #4 was crawling around like a dog.  Like I said, my lesson was learned: never, ever take them to the store after dinner; only take them early in the morning.  This baffled me as much as it embarrassed me.  But hey, the point is we’re fortunate enough to afford food and there was food on the shelves, so you won’t hear me complaining.  😀  Maybe it would also help if I specified kid #3 is 5 and kid #4 is 4.  The 8 and 7 year olds were fine.  The younger they are, they more they feed off each other’s energy and zoom around like a ping pong ball at a match.

Anyway, that had nothing to do with tonight’s post.  😛

Setting word count goals…

I’m getting ready for my marathon writing month.  I picked a month with 31 days instead of 30 (like what I had in November).

To meet 50,000 words for Bride of Second Chances, I need to write 1613 words a day.

To write 36,000 words for Return of the Aliens, I need to write 1162 words a day.

I will work on Bride of Second Chances in the morning/early afternoon because romance is easier for me than sci-fi thrillers are.  Hence why I have many more romance books out compared to sci-fi thrillers.

After dinner, I’ll tackle Return of the Aliens.

Life Mate at 500 words a day will get crammed in there somewhere.

So this is why I really wanted to get Brave Beginnings done with before March 1 hit.  Sadly, I am at page 270 and the whole thing is at 407 pages.  I doubt I’ll make it tomorrow.  😦  So it may be back to proofing one or two chapters a day before handing it off to proofreader #2.

Regarding the Giveaway…

I caught two minor things in the paperback version of Bid for a Bride which bother me the more I think about it.  The very first page that you open up to is an excerpt from the book.  I do this because a lot of romance books do it, or at least ones I’ve read, and I hate the endorsements some books have for their front page.  I don’t care who endorses a book.  I only care about the plot and whether or not I like the author’s style.  So that is why I don’t bother with endorsements.  Some people rely on them, but I figure my tastes are unique to me, so I don’t read these in other books.

Anyway, the excerpt in my book at the very beginning was in font 10 because when I looked at it on the computer, the amount of text I had looked huge compared to the actual page.  In reality, it’s not.  Only half the page was taken up, which means the except could be in bigger font, like a size 12.  So I made that change to the Word document.

Then when I looked at the copyright page, the copyright info began at the very top of the page when books I typically pull out in the romance genre have their copyright start at the middle of the page, and this is how I’ve done it with all of my other paperbacks.  So that lack of consistency irks me.  I made that change as well.

The next proof copy is on its way to my house as I type.  I already bought six copies of Bid for a Bride, one for my proofreader and five for the giveaway.  So now I don’t know what to do about them.  I’m thinking of offering them on a first come, first served basis with a disclaimer of the problems noted above.  The actual book text is fine.  These are all surface issues.  It’s like having a painting with a streak you know is a mistake but no one else will probably tell except the one art critic, but you have no idea who this art critic will be or if said art critic will win your book and complain about it in a 1 or 2 star review.  So I’m thinking to be on the safe side, I better hold off on the Goodreads Giveaway until I can afford to buy the new copies and then ship them out.  As it is, I have to do something with the old copies which are already paid for, and figuring in shipping (that I’m opening to overseas), it’s not exactly going to be cheap, but I want to open it for people who read my work in other countries because their support has meant a lot to me.

So I plan to make the announcement on my first draft blog which then links to Facebook.  As soon as six people say they want the copies, they got them.  I’ll add a coupon code for a free ebook download at Smashwords like I was going to do for the giveaway.  That will be March’s project.

For the Goodreads Giveaway, I’ll open it up April 1 and run it for a week.

I know I can be anal about the look of my work, but I want to come as close to a traditionally published book as I can.  So if something bothers me at all, I have to go back and tweak on it.  The beauty of self-publishing is that I can do that.  Let’s just say I’m constantly improving as I gain more experience.  😀

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  1. I have four copies of LoG laying around that have messed up text in two spots and a the cover is pushed up too high for no apparent reason. I am giving them to those people who claim they want a copy but will never actually read it 😉 Like in laws! LOL!

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