Day 1 of the Marathon Writing = Partial Bust

I say partial because I did manage to break through the scenes that were blocking in Return of the Aliens.  I have now pressed through the scenes and can move forward.  What a relief. I’ve been stalled out on that book for a good two months.  I’m not exactly sure what broke through that ‘wall’, except maybe knowing the deadline for publication is looming right around the corner.  It’s due out June 1.  This is a book I’m having edited and proofread since it’s so detailed.  I usually opt to get the proofing and that’s it, but this book is so layered and involved, I need to make sure all my dots connect.  There’s nothing I hate more than loose ends.

Bride of Second Chances, however, was a total bust.  I got a whole 62 words or something in.  I haven’t written anything more to it yet either.  I’ve got a killer headache and kids acting up, so this isn’t looking promising.  My priority is getting Return of the Aliens finished, so until I make that word count, I won’t do anything in Bride of Second Chances.

I also have some people who are waiting to see how Return of the Aliens will end, so that helps shove me along.  😛

I tried to think of possible tips to overcome the writer’s block.  I have a friend who says writer’s block doesn’t exist, so I’m not sure what you’d call it.  Writer’s lag?  Maybe.  Real life interfering when you’d rather be writing?  The headache and kids will inhibit productivity tonight.  Writer’s stalling out?  When the ideas aren’t coming or you need to do Point B in order to get to Point C in the book, but you have no idea what Point B is? 

Whatever you call it, I often have to overcome it by writing through it.  Sometimes I skip point B and write the other points until I can go back to it.  That’s what I did for novella 2 in the Return of the Aliens series, and until I was done with it, I had no idea how it looked.  So when I read through the whole thing, I was surprised.  But in a good way.  😛

Sometimes I imagine different scenarios on how a story can go and test out how the characters react and the consequences of a potential scene.  The best places for this is in bed or in the shower when there are no other distractions. 

I’ve also used songs I’ve dedicated as the book ‘soundtrack’ to help get me in the mood for the book.  Sometimes I listen to this soundtrack while laying in bed and playing out different scenarios.

Some people outline.  I don’t outline.  It’s not interesting enough, I guess.  I have jotted down a sentence for an idea, but most of the time, I replay key scenes often enough that I memorize them.  What is usually a blank are the scenes between the key scenes, and this is where I wing it as I type.  So fly by the seat of my pants is how I approach writing.

I better go.  Kids are throwing an inflatable ball around.  You can imagine what that does to my headache.  lol

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4 Responses to Day 1 of the Marathon Writing = Partial Bust

  1. At least you got some writing in. I’ve been procrastinating for two months now. lol Good luck on the rest of the months Writing Marathon. Looking forward to reading Life Mate when it’s done.

    • I’m going to see if I can get at least 500 words in today. Even when things are going on in my life, writing helps to relax and center me. Some people think I stress myself when I write, but it’s often the way I best cope with stress.

      Don’t feel bad. I couldn’t write for a good two months back in the winter once NaNo was over. I think I managed to finish a scene but my Life Mate posts were stuff I’d written last Spring.

  2. boyonabudget says:

    In the past when new ideas failed me, I found a change of scenery helped. A walk in the park, sitting by the creek, pond or lake and looking into the ripples of the water seemed to clear my mind and help me focus on my writing. As for the ball bouncing, get the kids involved. toss the ball back and forth and tell them to shout out a new word or their favorite place when they catch the ball. Their words could spin you off in an all new direction. Good luck!

    • lol I love the ball idea with the kids. I usually ask them who is in their class to get ideas for names, so they’re used to having their brains picked when it comes to my work. The ball idea sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

      I agree about the walk in the park. I need to do more of that anyway. Fresh air does wonders to make you feel awake.

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