Slowly Coming Back

Emotional exhaustion is harder to bounce back from than physical exhaustion.  Fortunately, things worked out in my favor, but I have to tell you for almost an entire day after things were resolved, I was shaking and thought I was going to throw up whenever I ate.  That would be the aftershock I guess of a ton of adrenaline + lack of sleep going through the system for almost a week.

I still can’t write anything, but I’m guessing as things settle back down, my creativity will return.  What I’ve been able to do is get some old formatting errors resolved on the fantasy books I wrote under Amanda Winters so those four books finally got approved for premium distribution on Smashwords.  Then I updated the short ebook I made on tips for writers on marketing that have helped me, but my husband is proofing it for me this weekend.  I tried proofing it myself since it was only 3000 words or so, but my mind is not functioning at that level yet.  I’m pretty much at a basic level of work, if that makes sense.  I think under stress, we go into survive and protect mode, and the rest of our brain shuts down.

So today, I finally caught up on emails in my inbox.  Tomorrow, the plan is to get caught up with Facebook messages and comments.  With any luck, I might actually be able to write some of Return of the Aliens.  I don’t plan to return to Life Mate yet.  A 500 words a day blog right now isn’t something I can promise I can follow through on so I’m not. 

Ideas are coming in regards to Bride of Second Chances.  I decided to make the hero a preacher.  I thought it might be fitting that Eliza’s son was a preacher instead of a store owner.  The story seems to be leading in that direction, so I’ll let it.  I’m not sure what the distinction is, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it.  If nothing else, I have to learn to trust my instincts when it comes to what my characters are ‘telling’ me.

So that is pretty much where I’m at.  Thanks to everyone who have given me words of encouragement and prayed.  😀

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4 Responses to Slowly Coming Back

  1. Jocelyne says:

    Ruth, so glad things worked out in your favor. take your time getting back into the swing of things.

  2. Mary McCall says:

    Ruth Ann, You don’t have to do anything on anyone’s schedule, but your own!!! You have been through what you have been through, and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone!! Your fans will follow you, WHATEVER befalls us, and we would block anyone that would do you harm, if we could! You do what you must do for yourself, and we will hang with you through it all. Blessings and Favor to you and your family, Ruth– Love you!!! Mary

    • Thanks, Mary. I always appreciate your encouraging words. I have found some humor in situation and will incorporate it into a future book. The best way I’ve found to deal with things is to add humor to it. I expect it will actually be a very funny part of the book. I’m thinking it might come in handy with the second Mary and Dave story. They need someone to come in and cause problems. 😀

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