Two More Novellas To Go Until I Finish Return of the Aliens!

I’m excited tonight.  I am now done with novella 5 in the Return of the Aliens series after being stuck for a good two months on two critical scenes.  The scenes were necessary because it is going to lead someone to choose the ‘dark side’ and has to lead someone else to making the wrong decision that will land them in trouble in novella 6.  I was very happy with how things played out.  I should specify that the novel is more of a thriller than a sci-fi one. 

I wish I had a cover for novella 5, but since I’ll be putting novellas 1-7 into the one book, I’ve decided to forgo the cover for each novella.  My original plan was to finish the whole series in novellas, but then I thought it’s just easier to lump it all into one book.  So that’s the story behind that.

Anyway, who knew that someone who writes romance can find such excitement in putting her characters through a lot of suspense and angst?  The romance in this story is minor, but it’s there, and novella 6 and 7 will bring it to fruition.  I’ve decided not to include sex, though I do plan for a marriage between two characters.  Those of you reading the series probably know which two I have in mind.  😉  But it’s all about the focus when writing a book, and if sex doesn’t add anything to the plot or character development, I just won’t use it. 

What I really want is for this to be the kind of book you could read again and pick up things that you didn’t get the first time you read it.  I remember the movie The Sixth Sense (which was psychologically scary as all get out), but it was the kind of movie you couldn’t fully appreciate until you watched it the second time because of the twist at the end.  So you had to go back and make sure all the dots connected with Bruce Willis’ character.  Sure enough.  The dots connected.  It was more fun to watch the second time, though after getting the heebie jeebies late at night, I decided I’d never watch it or anything like it again.  lol  Yes, my imagination does go wild.

And yes, I’ve been freaked out a couple of times while writing Return of the Aliens.  I hope that means, I’ll be able to freak some other people out too.  lol  I know, I know.  How horrible for a writer to want to do that. 

But there is a happy ending.  I loathe sad endings.  When I’m in a bookstore, I always flip to the last page to find out if the book ends happily or not.  With horror novels, I want a cool twist, but for everything else, I want a happy ending.  This is probably what propels me to romance.  I can pretty much guarantee a happy ending.  I hear a couple of romance authors don’t do happy endings, and I refuse to read them.  I want my fantasy when I read.  Real life can take care of itself.  😛

Well, I’m off.  I hope to get some headway into novella 6 tonight where one character will begin to hate another character with passion and the character who made the wrong choice will find out they’re in the frying pan.  Novella 6 is where I take two characters to Dulce’s underground base which is supposed to have different levels to it, and level six is called Nightmare Hall.   A lot of genetic experiments is supposed to happen down there, and I plan to take two characters through it.  This will be up to my imagination on the details, and I’ve been waiting for this point in the story to finally come up. 

And I am calling novella 6 ‘Nightmare Hall’ because when I researched Dulce’s underground base, I thought, ‘Man, you can’t do better than that for a title in a thriller!’

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