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I started novella 6 today, and inspiration was with me because I can now explain why the entire world turns on everyone who refuses to take the chip implant that was introduced at the end of novella 4.  Novella 5 shows what it does to those who take it, and now in novella 6, I’m getting around to what happens to those who don’t.  And one of our beloved characters will now be positioned to be the bad person.  It was a hard thing to do since I like this character, but it’s the only way things can go if the story is going to be as effective as possible.  Hopefully, it’ll provide a bit of a twist.  I’d like for those reading it to not see where I’m headed.

Then while I was thinking over the rest of the novellas, I thought, ‘I really want a cover to go with each one.’ I’ve decided I’ll have each novella available on my website and  Obooko.  On Smashwords, B&N, Sony, Apple, Diesle, Kobo, and Amazon, I’ll combine all of the novellas into one book.  After much consideration, I’ve decided to make it free.  On Amazon, I’ll ask $0.99.  The reason is a personal one and has to do with where I feel God is leading me.  I understand this upsets a lot of authors out there, but some books are too important to let price hinder someone from reading it.  I do consider this to be one of the most important projects I’ve ever done, and this book really does fit into a tight niche market.  I plan to write another sci-fi thriller along the lines of genetic manipulation (probably my favorite sci-fi topic because it’s so easy to blend thriller elements with it), and I’ll probably charge for that one, but I won’t be writing another sci-fi thriller for another year or two.  These sci-fi thrillers are too intense. 

Anyway, I’ve decided to present all the covers I have made up for this complete series.

Novella 1

This is where Autumn’s sister vanishes, along with millions of other people and Alex and Autumn go to Area 51 where something happens to him.

Novella 2

We’re introduced to Devon and Vanessa who have demons of their own to deal with, and I mean that both literally and figuratively.  It’s also where Devon and Autumn meet, and she becomes aware of ‘big brother’.  Alex’s grey alien continues to give him trouble.

Novella 3

Alex comes into full confrontation with the grey alien who is tormenting him.  Devon becomes aware of the spiritual war going on around him.  Vanessa tries to commit suicide after learning about the true nature of her job. 

Novella 4

There’s a second round of vanishings, and it’s up to the Annunaki (another race of aliens) to restore order.   Devon and Vanessa learn what they’ve been doing at Area 51.

Novella 5

People start taking chip implants to enhance their genetics while others refuse.  Devon ends up in critical condition.  Alex remembers what happened to him at Area 51.

Novella 6

People who don’t take the chip are the enemy and must be eliminated by any means necessary.  Meanwhile, a trap has been set at the underground base in Dulce, New Mexico which leads us to Nightmare Hall and the truth hiding there.

Novella 7

This is where it’s all leading to.  From the beginning of human history, the spiritual war that’s been building is going to lead up to this novella.  Yes, there is a happy ending.  I’ve read the Bible and know the ending is a good one.  😉

To sum up the whole series, I’d say that it’s all about who inherits the Earth.  If  you’ve read Revelation and accept it as prophecy, then you know the answer to this one.

Here’s the cover for the entire series:

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