Proofing, Bloopers, and Writing

I am almost finished with my round of proofing for Brave Beginnings.  This is a 400 page book, so it’s taken me longer than what it usually does to work through it.  I do have proofreaders, which is good because even though this is my book and I enjoy the story, I have a hard time getting through the proofing/editing stage.  I edit and proof at the same time, but I don’t have much to do with editing because the first draft is pretty much how the whole story is going to be.  This is why I need proofreaders instead of editors.  I know there’s an author or editor out there who is upset I just wrote that, but it’s what I think.  I don’t believe every single writer needs an editor, but I do believe every writer needs a proofreader.  (And I’ll tell you right now, my first draft blog gives me the perfect chance for my readers to let me know what works and what doesn’t–so that is the extent of my editing, if you want to call it that.  I call it my readers watching out for me. :D)

That all being said, I thought it would be fun to put up a picture of how my proof paperback copy of Brave Beginnings look when I’m proofing it over.  This is one of the busiest pages, which is more fun to show off in order to prove that I do labor away at this whole writing thing.  Writing the first draft is the easy part.  It’s polishing it up that is the real work.

I’ve also decided to start collecting the funniest ‘bloopers’ that I or someone else catches when proofing.  Hopefully, it’ll provide some good laughs in the future.  All I have on hand is one I caught tonight that had me chuckling.  Want to read it?  Here it is:

Unable to maintain eye contract, she shook her head.

My thought: How does an eye ‘contract’ work?  Do you establish a certain amount of time you’re supposed to look at each other?  😛

So that’s what I mean by doing a ‘bloopers’ post based on the best errors I find in the future.

Tonight I plan to read the last two chapters of Brave Beginnings and make the changes tomorrow before I send it off for another proof. 


I should be free to do some new writing again.  Getting back into the swing of things with proofreading has helped me ‘destress’ enough so that I am finally getting the urge to write again.  I do feel the stories calling to me to write, which is nice since I haven’t had that sensation for over a week.  This is where my energies and passions come from.   I’ve also decided to incorporate some of what I just went through into a future book or two.  I might split it up–one for humor and another for a possible plot point for Dave and Mary in their second book.  Real life does influence a writer’s work, and writing aspects of it into fiction is therapeutic.  With one, I plan to use the humor side of it because even as serious as it was, I’m not blind to how it could be funny based on how weird a particular person was acting.  But it was also a painful experience so the serious part will go into Dave and Mary’s story.  I’ve been looking for something to do with them to test their marriage, and this same weird person along with her cohort (of sorts) will provide the right outside conflict.  My mind is still brewing over these two divisions, but finding a positive outlet for all of this is helpful. And who knows?  Maybe someone will read the books and relate to someone just as weird in their own lives.   If you ever wondered how writers get inspired, this is one way.  But I assure you that by the time the story is written, you wouldn’t be able to recognize the source of inspiration since the characters will take on a life of their own and veer off tangent to do their own thing–if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I hope to get the first draft going again on Life Mate this week.  Return of the Aliens will be continued tomorrow.  Bride of Second Chances will hopefully see the first chapter.  Currently, I’m in a prologue.  I know.  A prologue.  I rarely do those, but in this case, the prologue sets the stage for the entire book and is best at the beginning to 1) be short and 2) to show the passage of time since it happens 1 year before the actual story begins.

We’ll see how things go.

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