Why I Love Third Person POV, Changing the March Plan, and ROW80

Well, I am now back and running my first draft blog under Kate, and it feels good to be writing about Caitlyn and Chris again.  The poor guy is starting to feel a physical heartbreak over the thought that she might not love him.   Being from a different planet, he’s more sensitive to the life mate (aka marital) bond than men on Earth would be.  Caitlyn, of course, has no idea any of this is happening to him, which makes the story that much more interesting to me.

And this is why I love writing third person point of view.  One side will know or be doing something that the other side isn’t even aware of.   But the real fun is that the reader knows both sides and can get the overall picture.  😉  That’s what creates some of the greatest tension in a book.  Now, one thing I really enjoyed in Brave Beginnings was when Ernest was accused of murdering his first wife, but when you read into Ernest’s point of view, you get to see what really happened.  The irony in all of this is that all of the other characters will assume he actually did murder her.  Only the reader gets to know the truth.  It’s stuff like that that makes me excited to be a writer.

Anyway, the real topic of this post is about an adjustment to my original writing plan for March.  I was going to work on three novels, but after the ordeal I had to go through last week, I am so far behind, I can’t recoup one of those novels.  Since I am 3/4 into Return of the Aliens and Life Mate, I have decided to focus on those two books.

My friend Stephannie Beman will be participating in something called ROW80 (Round of Words in 80 days).  She made a post about it over the Self-Published Author’s Lounge, so I won’t bore you with the details here.  But it starts up again on April 1.  I will use this month to focus on Bride of Second Chances.  By then, I’ll (hopefully) be done with Return of the Aliens and Life Mate (though I’ll keep posting Life Mate in 500 word chunks).  As least that’s the ideal plan.  Given nothing pops up that is serious, I should be able to do it.  Now, ROW80 allows me 80 days to work on Bride of Second Chances, and I can finish a full-length novel in 80 days as long as it’s not a sci-fi thriller.  For some reason, this sci-fi thriller is whipping my butt as far as being able to finish it in two month or less.   

I’ve decided I’ll post Bride of Second Chances up on my first draft blog under Ruth.  I need a break from the Native American Romance series before I come back and finish it up.  I am hoping to limit the Native American Romance series to three full-length novels.  If any novellas pop up, fine.  But I’d like to make this one complete, and I think three is an ideal number for that.

Well, I got a kid pouring water all over the kitchen floor, so I’m stopping here.  😛

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