Almost Done With Novella 6 of Return of the Aliens

I got through the romance scene, and undoubtedly, some guy who’ll read the book will puke at the romantic scene.  😛  It was classic Ruth kind of sappy scene.  But the good news is, it only lasted for a couple of pages before we’re back to the thriller stuff.  It does make the book stronger, though.  I mean, when the guy proposes, it makes sense why he would and why she says yes.  Without that romantic scene, there’s not enough compelling evidence to suggest these two really belong together.

I had a burst of excitement earlier today when I wrote about 1500 words and got to the point where sides are being drawn between who ends up being the good guys and bad guys in the final novella (which I do believe will be 7 at this point).  I wasn’t sure if I could make all the dots connect from what I laid down in the first 4 novellas, but now it’s all coming together.  Finally!  And I will say it’s a huge relief.  I wasn’t sure for awhile there if I could tie it all together because there are several plot points weaving in and out of the whole thing.  Here are the plot points I’ve tackled:

  • Autumn’s determination to find Marianne who vanished
  • Alex’s dealings with the grey alien who torments him and the choices he makes because of it
  • Conspiracy theory #1: the Illuminati (aka the global elite)
  • Conspiracy theory #2: Dulce, New Mexico’s underground base with 7+ levels (some of which are said to contain genetic mutations and one for mind control, etc)
  • Devon’s desire to escape his job and all the pain associated with it
  • The book of Revelation: bottom line being who inherits the Earth: fallen angels and demons (aka aliens) OR man; this is not a play by play account of Revelation but this book is influenced greatly by it)
  • Conspiracy theory #3: super soldiers
  • Conspiracy theory #4: internment (fema) camps

So you can see how involved this whole series has been.  Most of the conspiracy theories are given in small doses because to go indepth into them all would be beyond the scope of 100,000 words, which is where I’m trying to keep this book at when all is said and done.  The heart of the plot is about Autumn who longs to find her sister, Marianne, who vanished at the very beginning of the book.  As she searches for answers, she uncovers some very unpleasant truths (aka conspiracy theories and the spiritual world intersecting with this one).  I’m trying to think of a way to sum up this book so it doesn’t sound boring.  I think what I’ll end up doing is talking to an author friend who is really good at summing up her own books. 

Let’s see…

Early in human history, they left signs that they were coming back.  The pyramids from around the world, the mythologies, the prophecies across different cultures….  All pointed to the same thing.  Their return.  The time is now.

In one instance millions of people disappear, and Autumn’s sister, Marianne, is one of them.  Autumn’s not convinces the aliens are here to save us, nor is her sister’s fiance, Alex, who struggle to find any clues where they might find Marianne.  One false lead sends them to Area 51 where things take a startling turn for the worst.  Alex finds his nightmares have just begun, and Autumn discovers one of the men who are behind the conspirary to keep humans quite just a little bit longer.  So she is determined to find out what Devon knows so she can find her sister and heal Alex, but what she doesn’t realize is that Devon has demons of his own to face.  The lines between good and evil are blurred in this fast-action science fiction thriller which explores the possibilty that conspiracy theories and endtime Biblical prophecy are about to collide. 

Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Sadly, the book is much better than the way I make it sound.  😦  I’m not sure that is a good enough description.

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  1. Sounds good to me. 🙂

    • You were the author friend I was going to ask. lol You have a way of making books sound so good that I have to read them. 😀 It’s nice to know this will work.

  2. I like the description, too! 😀

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