Hope to Finish Novella 6 Tonight in the Return of the Aliens Series

That will leave me with one more novella (or 15,000 or so) to go.  Whew!  I’m almost there! 

(I know what some of you are thinking.  All she ever does is talk about that Aliens novel.  And you’re right, but that’s because I am pushing so hard to finish it by the end of this month so I’m eating, sleeping and breathing this book right now.)

The reason I’m so excited to see the ending is because I will have spent 15 months total on this novel.  Between writing the novellas and tons of research, it’ll be 15 months.  Those of you familiar with me know that I usually crank out a 70,000 word novel in two months, so 15 is snail pacing it for me.  But I couldn’t rush this book or write portions of it until all the dots were connecting.  I hadn’t realized how much research I’ve done until I thought over all my resources.  I was thinking of writing a page at the end of the book stating my influences (ex. podcasts, You Tube videos, books, music, internet), but the list got too long.  Suffice it to say this is an original piece of fiction with a lot of conspiracy theories and Biblical prophecy thrown into it.  The core plot is about Autumn searching for her sister who vanished.  And yes, at the very end, she is reunited with her sister.  Every time I think of the reunion, I actually cry because this has been building up for 100,000+ words.

I’m already at 88,000 words in this novel, so it’s fair to say it’ll be over 100,000 words when all is said and done.  After much consideration, I’ve decided to price it at $2.99.  I keep hearing that some genres where books are priced lower than $2.99 get the stigma of not being ‘good quality’ attached to it.  After talking with an author who originally asked $0.99 and didn’t sell much but priced it at $2.99 and the sales suddenly went up, I’m thinking there’s some validity to this idea that people mingle value with price.  This might be why my books tend to average 3 stars long-term.  People see $0.99 and assume it’s crap, so they look for reasons it is crap.  With this sci-fi thriller, I’d rather get off on the right foot.  Also, I’ve given away the first four novellas for free, so if people don’t know whether or not they like it by now, then that’s their problem.  I will offer 50% of the book as a free sample on Smashwords, and by 50,000 words into it, the person should be able to tell if they want to read the rest.  I’m not sure what the sample length will be for Kindle, but I’m guessing it’ll be decent enough considering the size of the book.

But as for what’s going on in the book, this is one of those good and bad times situation.  The bad guys are going out to seek and kill anyone who opposes them in a full-out martial law scenario which involve internment camps (anyone familiar with the red, blue and yellow lists in conspiracy circles and/or the whole Antichrist going out to wage war on those who won’t take his mark in Revelation) will know where I’m going with this.  I’m going at this book from man’s point of view rather than a spiritual one, so I don’t spell it all out.  I do expect people to read between the lines on what is happening or go through the book again to pick out new snippets of information they didn’t get the first time.   This is why in some areas, I am intentionally vague.  I do a lot of hinting because I don’t want to spoon feed everything that is going on in this book.

Anyway, while people who refuse the chip implant are being sent to internment camps, I have the newly married couple who will represent an aspect of peace during the chaos.  I think alternating between the good and bad will give the reader time to catch their breath (so to speak).  I’ve probably already said this, but I don’t plan to put sex in this book.  The plot won’t be enhanced by it but yes, the married couple are doing it.  For the sake of the plot, she’s not going to get pregnant during this time.  The ramifications of a child getting into this mix would be too much.  lol  I can only handle half a dozen plot points in one book.  😛 

Now, after everything settles down and the happy ending comes about, then I have a reason for her to get pregnant, and that reason is show that the world didn’t come to an end but is continuing.  In some ways, it’ll be a scenario where everything is starting over again.  If you’ve read to the end of Revelation, you’ll know where I’m going with this.

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