Got The Cover for Shotgun Wedding, Book Covers that Sell Best, and Return of the Aliens

For those of you who’ve been voting for Bride of Second Chances to be written next month, don’t panic.  It’s still ahead in the poll.  However, I now have the cover for Shotgun Wedding and wanted to share it. 

I think the reason Joel will be held captive at the woman’s (shown above) farm is because it’s winter and he can’t get out after the snow storm.  The picture below is actually from a friend’s ranch.  She made the cover for me, and yes, I paid her.  I wanted to do something different from flowers and bridal gowns.  I love brides and flowers, but I can’t have all my covers looking too much alike.  I’m guessing from the get-go that this will not be my biggest seller, probably since it’s a romantic comedy and the cover won’t appeal to the majority of romance readers though.  It’ll probably hover somewhere in the middle like most of my books do. 

The covers with the brides and flowers on them sell the best overall.  My contemporaries typically sell the best as well.  This is why after the April-May marathon, I’ll be working on a contemporary romance that I want to release in October because it’ll be a Christmas romance.  If I was smart, I’d work on that book instead of another historical in April.  I wonder if my readers would assault me with pitchforks if I did that.  :/ 

Before I do anything else, I have to finish Return of the Aliens.  I finished novella 6 last night and have hit 91,000 words for the whole novel so far.  I was so excited that I wrote the first scene of novella 7 which brings me to 92,000 words.  We’re in the home stretch now.  I have about four scenes to write before the big finale.  This is where it all comes to head and the final battle takes place.  I don’t do well with battle scenes, nor do I make them long and drawn out so don’t expect me to take up the full novella with this.  When I see battle scenes on TV, I do something else until it’s over, and I skim them in books.  So I plan to do a lot of back and forth to help break it up.  On one hand will be the war between Satan and God in Megiddo which really involves all the super soldiers, fallen angels, nephilim, and chipped people vs. the angels and Jesus Christ who comes with the saints from the church age (including those who vanished).  That can be a long and drawn out scene, but I plan to switch between that and the small battle taking place between one of my main characters who will try to kill the two others ones.  After the small and large battle are done, I will then have the resolution. 

I’m not saying all of this is 100% with what Revelation says because I don’t know the details of this event.  I just get glimpses of it from the Bible.  I am taking some literary license and writing how I think the whole thing will come about.  What I do know is God wins.  The details aren’t there but the end result is, if that makes any sense.  And this is how this book has to end.  The end was fixed since I started the thing.  What got me stuck were all the details and making them all connect into a realistic and cohesive plot.  So I am aiming to be as in line with the Bible as I possibly can, given me human understanding, which I admit is limited.

Anyway, today I hope to get another 2000 words in.  If I can keep up this rate, I will be done by my deadline which is March 31.  😀  Then there won’t be any problem with having it out by June 1.

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8 Responses to Got The Cover for Shotgun Wedding, Book Covers that Sell Best, and Return of the Aliens

  1. boyonabudget says:

    I like the cover:) Keep up the great work!!

  2. Rose Gordon says:

    Well, since you already have the cover… 😉

  3. i like the cover – I find the woman with the gun intriguing. the title shotgun wedding makes you think of this poor helpless woman who is dragged along and forced to marry some man, just as he is forced to marry her, by her father etc. but the image throws it into a different realm. 🙂

    • So in all honesty, it doesn’t look like she’s holding the hero hostage until he marries her? Should I change the title or cover? The plot won’t be funny if they’re both forced into it. Please be honest because it helps to know how the cover and title comes across.

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