Return of the Aliens Modified Blurb and Where I’m At

Yes, I am writing another Return of the Aliens post.  Feel free to ignore if this topic now makes you want to puke.  😀  The reason I have to do this is because writing it down helps me sort it out.

I am tweaking on the book bio again.  Let’s see…

In one moment, millions of people disappear with no explanation. Among them is Autmun’s sister and Alex’s fiance, Marianne. When Aliens land on Earth with a message of peace, Autumn isn’t convinced that they come bringing a new age of human advancement. 

Alex and Autumn follow a lead to Area 51, looking for answers. What they find is more questions, and for Alex the nightmare has just began. Autumn meets Devon, one of the conspirators behind the plot to keep humans unaware of what is going on beneath the surface, but Devon has demons of his own to face.

As the lines between good and evil blur, conspiracy theories and end of times Biblical prophecy collide in this fast-action sci-fi thriller. Is this the end of the world as we know it?


There.  I think that is better than the first one. 

Anyway, I did another scene switch, and I’m thinking of doing another one.  I know.  Endless switching.  That’s why I say this book has been the most challenging one I’ve ever written.

I think I have the final scenes laid out.   I’ll try not to spoil it.  I’m currently at the point where it’s a full police state on Earth, and the bad guys and hunting down the good guys and killing them.  And though I do not outline when I start a book, I do tend to outline when I’m almost at the end to make sure everything connects up.  I know.  Weird.

  • married couple have a peaceful moment to give readers a break from all the killing
  • Dulce, New Mexico underground base where we find out what the aliens/fallen angels wanted with all the people they took and an alliance is formed for the final battle
  • one of the characters tries to commit suicide and fails; she’s told to get the chip removed, she must lead another character up to Alaska to find the married couple
  • final battle takes place while a smaller battle happens in Alaska which is the climax of the book
  • then there’s the resolution and happy ending

I originally wrote out a lengthy and details outline but then thought I’d be spoiling it for those reading this blog, so I opted to remove that part out.

I’ve already figured out ahead of time that this book will piss off a lot of people.  But what else would be new?  I tend to excel at that sort of thing.   So why is this book so upsetting?  Well, it takes a Biblical view of where I see this world headed in conjunction with some conspiracy theories.  I cannot end the book contrary to the Bible.  There can only be one ending.  However, I will piss off some Christians (I’m sure) because I’m not giving a play by play account of the book of Revelation.  That would be way too intense.  That book may not be long to read, but to give a full out view of everything that happens in it (ex. two witnesses, the judgments) would make this a 1000 page book, and I have no desire to write something that exhaustive. 

Then I will piss off those who don’t like Christian fiction at all.  Even though I’ll tag the book and put Biblical prophecy in the bio, some people will not pay attention to these things and be offended. 

So I figure I’ll get it from both ends.  And really, there’s nothing I can do about that.  In my opinion, this is a great book.  It represents my best writing ability.  Granted, some will say that sucks.  I don’t agree, but then, I’m the author so I’m expected to not agree.  Why do I think this is my best writing?  Because with this book, I’ve done a ton of research, rewriting, going back to tweak on things, have had to run a good six or so plots simultaneously without dropping the ball, have had to connect the dots on conspiracy theories and how they can relate to Bible prophecy, had to pray quite a bit about it, and have had to keep the suspense going through the whole thing so there’s never a dull moment. 

I never do all of that for my romances.  I employ some elements of the above into romances, but romances are pretty much a tried and true forumla.  This particular book is not.  Hope that all makes sense.

Do I have plans for another sci-fish thriller?  Not any time in the near future.  As much as I’ve enjoyed this, it has been intense, and I’m exhausted.

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