My Friend Has Just Been Trashed By Someone On Her Own Blog

I just got an email notifying me of comments on a friend’s blog that I frequently read, and since I had commented on it, I went over to see what was said.  Boy, was I in for a shock.  These were hurtful words, people.  Attacking words.  This person who so cleverly called herself (guessing it’s a woman) ‘no name’ (isn’t that cute? *eye roll*) trashed my friend.  The words weren’t directed at me, but my heart was racing as if they were.  They hurt.  I had the ‘ouch’ effect, and I wasn’t the one who was on the receiving end of it.  

I struggled with knowing what to do.  I mean, this is my friend, and she doesn’t deserve the poisonous darts being shot at her.  What this person said was not true, on top of being nasty.  It’s like reading those 1 or 2 star reviews where the person says it’s the worst book ever written and it was way too much to spend money on at $0.99.  Well…scratch that.  It was worse than even the worst review because this person was trashing my friend as a mother and (indirectly) a wife.  That’s hitting way below the belt, and I don’t know why this person would do something so vile on a public forum where everyone can see how nasty ‘no name’ is. 

At first, I was going to comment that her words were hurtful and rude and she should apologize.  Then I thought that would go right over her head because people like that typically never see anything they ever say or do as being wrong, even when it blatantly is.  So then I opted to make another comment directed to my friend and told her all the wonderful things I see in her.  It’s all I could think of.  Man, I don’t know if my friend has read these comments yet, but I hope she blocks ‘no name’ and all of ‘no names’ future aliases from her blog forevermore.  I suspect this is the kind of person who doesn’t go away easily.

I just feel so bummed about my friend now.  😦  No one should be treated like that.

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11 Responses to My Friend Has Just Been Trashed By Someone On Her Own Blog

  1. Just saw it and left my two cents worth!!!


    no name, that is. Just some imbecile trolling. I couldn’t even figure out what their second comment meant.

    • Her husband owns a ranch, and she works hard to help maintain it, yet this person is trying to say she knows nothing about ranching. 😦

      Glad you chimed in. I had a hard time not going off on that person.

      • OOooooOOOooooOOoooooooOOo. Duh. I didn’t even think of that.

        heh-heh. yeah, you did better than me :p I tried to be mature and professional and blah , blah, but…

        • It’s gotten worse, Jo. I figured out who it is and now I know why Stephannie doesn’t like this person. I don’t get where these people get off thinking they should go onto a person’s blog to personally attack them. This person has me really pissed off. How low will some people stoop to belittle someone else? *shakes head*

    • Ruth and Joleene, Thank you both for your comments. I didn’t see the comments until Monday morning and by that time it was a laughable situation with everyone questioning her motives. You guys are the best and I’m sorry that you had to be subjected to that. Thanks again.

      • I still can’t believe she even did that out in the public forum like that, but yeah, it did turn laughable, thanks to Joleene’s ability to crack a joke. 😀

  2. Mary McCall says:

    Anonymous Trolls– they aren’t called Trolls for no reason! And there are enough of them to have been named for a hideous creature that hides and snipes! Troll is an ugly description, but not ugly enough. If the criticism isn’t about the reading material, but a personal attack to the author, one must wonder what Troll’s agenda could be! Since no other Blog Follower is so evil- hearted and creepy,I’m sure no one could offer a clue. Troll will get his/ hers one day and wonder why Karma has to be such a Bitch!! Ha Ha, Troll!

    • Thanks, Mary. I agree. They are called trolls for a reason. Thankfully, everyone else has been good to my friend on her blog. I suspect this is someone she knows in real life who has a personal gripe with her.

      I am a firm believer in reaping what you sow. Judging by this person’s attitude, she’ll only be heaping on bad stuff for herself because of how she’s treating others.

    • It turns out this is a family member on the husband’s side. Now I know why my friend doesn’t like this person. I’ve never heard of a family member trashing another family member in that way before. You’d think my friend was Hitler or something with the way this person talked about her.

  3. Mary McCall says:

    If I knew your friend, I’d post the above to her site– you can feel free to do so, if it’s possible!

    • Mary, Thanks for the comment. This trolls does indeed have a personal agenda and Karma will find its way to her. It’s strange because I wasn’t even aware that I was having difficulty with my sis-in-law until Monday morning.

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