My Poor Friend and Getting Close to the End for Return of the Aliens

Well, this person is related to my friend.  Now I know why my friend says she can’t stand this particular person.  I have it figured out who it is because she slipped and said something that ‘clicked’ into place.  Go to love spiteful people.  I expect her to start trolling my blogs.  I’ll be sure to block anyone who comes in with an attack.  I don’t tolerate trolls on my blogs.  They aren’t worth the time, really, but I felt the need to stand up for my friend because she’s gone to bat for me a couple of times in the past when I really needed it. 

I see no reason for anyone to be talked down to the way this person was talking down to my friend.  Calling her a bad mother, using cuss words to get her point across, cutting down her writing, saying she was lying about what she does on the ranch, etc.  I don’t get where this person comes from in thinking my friend’s friends will keep silent to such rudeness.  Ahh…family members that make you miserable…  I feel very sorry for my friend.  At least I don’t have to deal with this person on a personal basis like she does.  Even the family member I’d least want to be around isn’t this bad.

Anyway, I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing.  I kept thinking I’d want someone to defend me if it were to happen to me.


Anyway, as for Return of the Aliens…

I want a better title than The Big Event for novella 7, but I don’t know what.  Hmm…  Maybe The Final Battle?  Well, that one seems to stick.  The only reason I had titled it The Big Event in the beginning was because the fallen angel said she was excited about ‘the big event’, and Devon had no idea what she was talking about.  Well, in light of that, maybe I should keep it as is. 

Anyway, I am now at 98,000 words and literally ready to write about the final battle at Megiddo.  The next scene takes place in Heaven as the angels and saints get ready.  Well, scratch that.  The bad guy and poor chipped woman who is highly sympathetic but still lost (sorry but once they take the chip, they can’t be redeemed via the Bible and I’m sticking with what it says).  So hers is a very tragic end, and I really do feel sorry for her. 

But I wanted to have a character on the ‘bad’ side who was sympathetic and another who was not.  I also wanted a character to represent the average person like you and me.  I also wanted a character who was bad but could be redeemed.

So we’re getting there.  😀

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4 Responses to My Poor Friend and Getting Close to the End for Return of the Aliens

  1. Final Battle sounds more epic.

    Yeah, I’d like to think people would defend me, too. There’s even less of an excuse for a family member to do stuff like that. It’s bad enough if it’s a random troll…

    • Thanks. I’ll change it then.

      I’ve already maked the two names this person used to put on my blacklist on these blogs. Random trolls are easier to handle. You just ignore those. I figured this was a family member for friend when she went into the ranch and breakfast. I heard about those complaints before. All I can say is with people like that in your life, who needs enemies? I loved the Christmas comment, btw.

    • Oh, and you let me know if it happens to you. I’ll be all over their butts. I appreciate you chiming in. It gave me the ability to laugh. You have great comments.

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