Finished Return of the Aliens

I was up until 5am, but I finished it!  It turned out to be a little over 103,000 words.  Whew!  What a relief.  Now I can relax.  I did buy covers for all seven novellas, but I think I’ll keep it as one book instead of dividing them out on my website.  You see, I started proofing and editing a part of it in the complete manuscript, and I thought, “Why am I going to go through the trouble of dividing this up into seven parts?  That’s ridiculous.  I need to just leave it as one book.”

And so I am.  😀

I still think the cover works for everything I want to portray in the book, so I’m keeping it. 

The reason I put it up is because I wanted a picture in this post.  😛

I could have gone on and on about the married couple because I did enjoy writing their part, but it would have dragged the book. 

There were some things I noticed as I was finishing the book. 

1.  I do have some sympathetic characters who don’t have a happy ending.  It was hard to write about one character in particular when it was her turn to die.  But this is not a romance, so the rules of romance do not apply to this book.  Also, given what I believe about the Bible, there was no other way for it to go.  She had to hate the fate she got.  In many ways, I think the book is more powerful because of it.

2. I like a lot of names that start with A.  I had Autumn, Alex, and Alicia.  At one time, I even had them all in one sentence.  I am not changing the names.  Why?  Because when I’ve done the find and replace method in the past, it ended up messing me up and I had to manually go through the whole book to check on the names and some words.  Never again.  Once a character is named, that is it.

3.  This is definitely Christian fiction.  I thought I could be more subtle, but the end wouldn’t have made any sense unless I connected the spiritual dots.  I didn’t tell it to the reader, but I did show it.  Jesus Christ shows up.  How much more obvious do I have to be? 

4.  I did still slip in a lot of subtle things that people may not get when they read it.  I do wonder how much others will pick up unless they’re familiar with conspiracy theories and Biblical prophecy.  Some stuff was as little as one sentence, but the sentence connected a dot to the overall picture.

5.  Only two characters lived through the entire book.  Marianne was taken in the beginning, so she doesn’t count.  So that means, I killed off everyone else.  Such bloodshed is not my usual style, but it made for the most powerful impact in the book.  Remember, this is not a romance.  I can take liberties in this area.  😉

6.  I want to write another sci-fi thriller.  Will it have spiritual undertones?  I don’t know.  But I’ve already figured out a basic plot.  Genetic research being done to make the perfect man.  What does that mean for the rest of us?  I can see some conspiracy theories trickling in.  Too bad I can’t do Devon again.  I really enjoyed him.  But it wouldn’t fit.  This book won’t be started until next year….at least.  I need time to relax from all the research.

7.  I don’t expect this book to sell well because it’s not a romance.  However, I will say it is now officially one of my favorite books on my ‘I wrote it’ list.    Sometimes an author doesn’t write with the expectation of making money, despite what some people think.

8.  The rating became a very high PG 13 due to the violent nature of the battle in the climax.  Someone got his head lopped off.  That can’t be pretty if it were on the TV.  However, I didn’t go into any details about blood gushing out, so I will keep it at PG 13.  A lot of the violence is more psychological.  I’m not big into graphic violence, but I do love something where we know what is happening but don’t see it when I watch a movie.  Sometimes the imagination can conjure up better images than words can.


Well, I think that’s about it.  I am going to do the initial read through for novellas six and seven before I send them out to be proofed.  So after this week, I don’t expect to touch Return of the Aliens until we get to mid-May.  The release date is set for June 1.

Many of you are breathing a sigh of relief since now I will turn my attention to romance again.  😀  Hey, the married couple had a nice romance in the alien book, but it wasn’t the main focus.  But yeah, to go more in-depth in romance, I have to write an actual romance.  It’s looking like Bride of Second Chances will be next, since it has the most votes in the poll on my first draft blog.

The publishing date of Brave Beginnings is looking to be set at May 1 or so.  For the rest of this week, I hope to focus on proofing a friend’s manuscript.  I’m only in chapter one.  So I have about 230 pages to go.  Yeah.  No small feat. I might end up taking longer than that.   But I am done with Return of the Aliens, so I feel pretty good.

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  1. YAY!!!

    I notice I favor A’s, too. And K’s, weirdly. The only name I ever changed was I have Senya and then I Anya’s name was originally Sonya and those were TOO close but as you can see I didn’t change it a whole heck of a lot. The way I look at it is in Real Life if you take a group of random people there will be things like that. heck, in reality you’ll have people with the same names. I had a class of 35 kids when I was in school and we had two Jessicas, two Erins, two Heathers, two Jamies, two Nathans, two jeremys… anyway, you get the point 😉 i can’t think that people are more original anywhere else, LOL!

    • Yes, real life is like that. I remember having three Mikes in my class while growing up. So I guess the lesson is don’t write too realistically? 😛

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