Now It Makes Sense (Why Some Readers Keep Reading My Books Despite Not Liking Some of Them)

I had wondered why some people reported to have kept reading my books even though they didn’t like some of them.  It baffled me because I don’t go back and read books by authors whose first book I didn’t like.  Okay.  I’ll rephrase that.  I don’t back more than twice.  I might give an author some leeway, thinking that particular book did not appeal to me but the next one might.  But after two, I say forget it.  In fact, I often don’t finish them. 

I hadn’t thought of myself as a picky reader, but I guess in some ways I am.  I am a picky reader if I read for pleasure.  If I read books as an author, I’m not picky.  When I read an author, I’m reading it for my business.  I like to help other authors when my schedule permits.  (Note: my schedule permits less and less all the time.)  I don’t know if that makes sense, but it is what it is. 

Okay, so I got a wonderful five star review on Bid for a Bride.  I had an ad up for it and checked my stats to see if the ad is effective.  So far five people have returned the book.  So obviously, some people don’t like it.  But a greater number kept it.  240 have kept it so far this month.  Whether they liked it or not, who knows? 

Anyway, I often wondered what it is that bring people back to my books even though they didn’t care for some of my books.  And this is why…

I’ve had issues with at least 2 of Ms. Nordin’s stories but the one thing that still has me coming back is her overall pacing and good telling of a story. I don’t like books that are 200+ pages and feel as if the story is rushed. Ms. Nordin, unlike MANY authors doesn’t drag a story. Some things may be very inaccurate but she has good pacing and some REAL great feel good stories.

I thought that was really interesting.  True.  I have had inaccurate things in my books, and I’ve been lucky to have someone who’s willing to go over them, esp. my early works, to look for those and more.  So yes, I am working on resolving that kind of thing, and I am doing my best to do better in this area.  Improvement is happening, but it’s been a process.

So the bottom line is my pacing and storytelling are bringing people back.   Now I know, and this also helps me pinpoint my strengths.  Part of the battle in improving as a writer is knowing your weaknesses, but it helps to know your strengths, too.

So I am glad this person wrote that.  It gives me a much better picture of what is going on.  So if that person happens to be reading this post, I thank you for giving me insight into what bothers some people about my books because I’ve been asking them and so far, no one has responded.

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15 Responses to Now It Makes Sense (Why Some Readers Keep Reading My Books Despite Not Liking Some of Them)

  1. Christina Busby says:

    lol… 😛 Yes you have had things wrong occasionally, but I tend to over look it when the story is sooo good.:P

    • I have yet to read the 100% perfect book. I am aware of errors when I come across them, but I usually forget about them by the next page unless they show up over and over. But with indie authors, even if they have proofreaders, their sins are not forgiven, esp. by other indie author. Indie authors are the worst. I don’t think the person who wrote that review I mentioned is an author because her feedback was actually helpful. She mentioned something specific. Indie authors who criticize opt for the same old-same old ‘poor editing and grammar’ song and dance that helps nobody but makes them feel superior (and I will point out the indie authors who are the biggest grammar and editing whiners aren’t selling as well as the indie authors who are more gracious about it). I think that is very telling.

  2. Christina Busby says:

    this is true. lol… Your books have NEVER had the kind of bad grammatical errors that that harlequin book had. lol… I think people who wont tell you the truth up front just want to find something to argue about and want attention! Don’t give it a second though! Whoever told you this in the email about where your errors are THANK YOU!

    • Another way to look at it is that people who don’t want to tell me when I ask them don’t really want to see me get better. They want to keep complaining because it probably makes themselves feel better–maybe about their own books. I’d guess these are other writers who complain about the grammar and editing since it’s mostly writers who care about that kind of thing. I think most non-writers are more interested in the story.

      Anyway, that was a great review that person wrote because of the pluses and minuses she mentioned.

  3. Christina Busby says:

    your absolutely right. They do not want you to get better. They want you to get worse. SAD really. 🙂 And yes that was a great review, and I am more interested in the story then I am the errors, except when im proofing lol… I have to read it first then find the errors LINE by LINE lol My husband laughs at me!

  4. Christina Busby says:

    SURE why not! lol I LOVE that book!!!!

  5. Christina Busby says:

    lol Yay! another chance to read them! LOL i LOVE THEM!!!

  6. Christina Busby says:

    lol i just REREAD it last night and fell all over again for Chogan! sighs! What a man!

    • Would you believe when I originally pictured him in Restoring Hope, he was a scrawny dude who was timid? He quickly changed into the Chogan he is today, thankfully.

  7. Christina Busby says:

    What?!? lolllllll a scrawny man is NOT Chogan! LOL

  8. Christina Busby says:

    lol I am glad.. He so wouldt suit j or w!

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