Return of the Aliens is due out in May

I’ve been getting emails about novellas 1-4 which are no longer up, so I thought I’d clarify why I took those down a couple weeks ago.  I am going to put novellas 1-7 into one book, Return of the Aliens.   The original publishing date was set for June 1, but since I’m done, proofreaders 1-2 are done, my editor is done, it’s a matter of waiting for my other proofreader to finish up.  Then I can publish it.  I am going through it another time by listening to it on the Kindle in the meantime.  But yeah, there’s no reason why it can’t be published around the first of May.

So that is why I took novellas 1-4 off of Smashwords, which took it down on its distribution sites or is in the process of taking them down.  I sent out a couple of emails to those interested in the series and asked if they wanted the full book with the separate novellas available or if they’d rather just have the full book.  All of them voted for one book.  So that is why the novellas are no more. 

I hope that clears up everything.   😀

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  1. yes, I think one book is a better idea, too 😀 but then I like nice long books as opposed to novellas, so there you go 😉

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