My Meeting With Jane (Heroine in Bride of Second Chances)

Ironically, Jane has requested a meeting with me.  It’s not often my characters track me down to have a discussion.  I guess she heard about the whole thing with Jeremy and wants to set me straight on a few things.  So here we go.  😀

Okay, Jane.  What is it you wanted to meet with me about?

I think you’re mistaken about Jeremy.  He doesn’t have feelings for me beyond that of friendship.  His heart has and always will belong to Rebecca.

Did you read the book summary when I handed it to you?

I did, but I honestly don’t see how you’re going to pull it off.

Excuse me?

You have misjudged the depth of Jeremy’s love for my sister.  A man couldn’t be more devoted to his wife.  Why, just look at how ‘excited’ he was to marry me when we exchanged vows.

  He was grinning from ear to ear when he married Rebecca.

To be fair, you didn’t look excited either.

How could I?  At any moment, my brother could have brought Micah in and held me at gunpoint to marry him.  *shivers*  I was petrified.

Anyway, Jeremy is falling in love with you as we speak. 

I don’t think so.  He’s a good friend.  We’ve always gotten along well.  I expected the marriage to be amiable, and it is.  It sure is better than having to spend the rest of my life with Micah.  I just might have stabbed myself with a fork if you’d gone that route.

Do you wish I’d gone the route of sending you to Edith and going to Omaha?

I am a realist.  I don’t kid myself that men fall over their feet when I walk into the room.  I’m not like Rebecca.  She was beautiful, and as much as I hate to agree with anything my brother says, she was a lot nicer than I am.  She tolerated a lot of things I wouldn’t.

Would she have tolerated a marriage to Micah?

Good question.  But it’s one we’ll never know because you didn’t give her that option.

Fair enough, but the answer is yes.  She would have because she didn’t stand up for herself like you do.

Really?  Poor Rebecca.  What a horrible fate you would have given her.  At least she was with Jeremy instead.

Speaking of Jeremy, I found this picture taken shortly after you got married.  He looks pretty happy in it.

Oh, be serious.  That was after I made him a cake.  And I don’t recall wearing a wedding dress.

I took some liberties as the author with that and put you in one for the cover.


Because when I put a bride on a cover, I sell more books.

No kidding?

Nope.  It’s all a marketing ploy. 


I thought so, too, when I noticed the trend.

And the fact that my dress is sleeveless?

Minor issue, and if you look at the cover, you can’t tell.  

But it gives the appearance of short sleeves.  I don’t think brides wore short-sleeved dresses back then, did they?

You could have rolled your sleeves up, so it technically works.

Sounds to me like your stretching.  You do know why you get docked for historical inaccuracies, don’t you?  Because you stretch the limits on historical facts too much.

Fine.  I could give you hairy legs and armpits, make you dirty because you rarely bathe, make you stink when you have your period because they had cloth pads back then–cloths you’ll have to wash by hand–

No thanks.  I’ll take the fantasy over realism. 

But I thought you were a realist.

I’m not that much of a realist.

So it’s not too far off the mark to have Jeremy fall in love with you.

I just don’t see how it’s going to happen.

It is.  But this brings up an interesting question.  Are you falling in love with him?

*shrugs*  I don’t give much thought to my feelings. 

What a cop-out answer.

I’m not sure what the word ‘cop-out’ means, but I don’t care much for your tone.

You are falling in love with him.  But okay.  Don’t admit it.  At least you’re doing a better job of hiding it.  In fact, it’s because of you things aren’t rushed.  If it were up to Jeremy, you’d be on your way to having a child.

*gasp*  Must you be so bold!

Talk of the birds and bees don’t bother me. 

I’m not comfortable with it.  It’s my private life.

Yeah well, just wait.  Everyone will be included in on it.

If you lived in the early 1900s, you wouldn’t be so bold.  This is before the sexual revolution in the United States.

I don’t know.  I don’t think human nature has changed all that much.  I bet women did discuss private matters.  Maybe not in a public forum, but behind closed doors, I bet there were some discussions going on.

No wonder you get those 1 and 2 star reviews.  People are appalled by your boldness.

A story that lacks sex or sexual topics bore me in a romance.  That’s why I can’t do ‘clean’ romances, with the exception of two books, but that was because the characters weren’t married.

I live in dread with how much you’ll delve into my personal life.

Oh, so now you’re admitting you’ll be with Jeremy in an intimate way.  *raises eyebrows*

I believe this meeting is at an end. *stands up* If you had a heart, you wouldn’t have put me through that horrible dinner with Marcy and Jonathan.  But you can’t even stop there.  You have to push all the limits of things I can’t bear.

If I didn’t push the limits, my readers would lose interest in the story.  No one wants to read a book where everything is dandy all the time.  There has to be conflict.  You have some great conflict coming up, especially when you overhear Marcy talking about you in the… 

*narrows eyes*  Marcy is going to do what in the where?

You’ll find out in today’s post. 


Oh, look.  I hit 1000 words in this post.  Gotta go!

Ruth, I’m not done talking to you.  Ruth!

*ends post*

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6 Responses to My Meeting With Jane (Heroine in Bride of Second Chances)

  1. Rose Gordon says:

    You’re cracked! But in a good way, of course. Those pictures are great! I might have to snag the idea of putting pictures in mine–well, after I get that first big royalty check, that is.

    I think you’re going to need another meeting with her, though. She really didn’t do any actual convincing. I think she’s more on board than you think, she’s just hiding…

    By the way, when you’re FINISHED (and I mean it, Ruth, FINISHED) with that third book of mine, go read the first review I got at Amazon–it’s 4-stars, left this morning 4-16, I think. I about died laughing at a little expression she used to describe the hero.

    (PS That grinning ear to ear comment following that rather grim photo was absolutely hysterical)

    • LOL The straight and narrow persona is highly overrated. I bought the pictures off of dreamstime. They were $3 each. Well, probably a little less than that since I bought a larger package of credits. But if I didn’t have the extra cash, I wouldn’t do this. I might use some of the pictures for a book trailer, so it won’t all go to waste, though I can’t use the one of him jumping up in the air. I can use the grim one. I never saw two people who looked like they didn’t want to get married. 😛

      I plan to bring both of them back. I figure if I get upset with them or if they get upset with me, it’ll be a good time to bring whoever (or both) has the most complaints in. I have more pictures to post. This particular photographer who took those pictures took a lot of the same couple, so that helps.

      I’ll be good and won’t check the review. I suppose this has something to do with painting or a hint that will help me figure out the dedication hints?

      • Rose Gordon says:

        My problem with the stock photo places is finding a picture that fits the time period. That’s why I hate doing covers–and yet, I’m too cheap to pay someone. However, Joleene Naylor’s recommendation of that romance book cover site is where I’ll go to look for my next set.

        No, don’t go check the review, it might ruin the book for you. LOL The review was a good rating and all, but there was a particular phrase I’d never heard before that was worked in there that I know I shouldn’t laugh about, but I couldn’t help it and laughed anyway.

        • I know what you mean. Some of my covers are modern for the book, and the one I’m working on is among them. I’d rather have a too modern looking cover that pulls people in and makes them want to read it than a boring old sepia or black and white photo taken from the actual time period. Those two seem to be my option. That is why I try to do close ups of flowers and bride dresses. I’ve decided that I’d rather have a book cover that sells than one that is boring.

          I do wish those places would have some people dress up in historical clothes and take pictures. Oh wait. There was one from the historical period that looked good, but unless you write the highlander romances, you’re out of luck.

          *sigh* Now I’m really curious about that review, but I will wait.

  2. These are so fun!! 😀

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