My Second Meeting With Jeremy (Hero from Bride of Second Chances)

*sits down and folds his hands in his lap*  I trust you’ve stopped worrying I’ve destroyed your plot by liking Jane too soon?

Yes, thanks to her, the story is saved.

I see we hit the halfway point in the book, or at least where you are thinking the halfway point should be.  If the book goes over 65,000 words, then you’re a little under it.

Eh, that’s a couple thousand words here or there.  We’re still hovering around the halfway point.  Nice scene yesterday, by the way, when you realized Rebecca wasn’t coming back.  I thought that was a good transition to progressing your relationship with Jane.

It’s about time, though I was hoping to do more than almost catch a glimpse of her undergarments and touch her arm. 

That’s coming up soon enough.


Yep.  Here’s a picture to prove it.

Hmm… I was thinking something more along these lines…

Granted, you look happier there, but back in that time period, she couldn’t be outside in a sleeveless dress. 

Then have it in the bedroom.  What do I care?  As long as we’re moving toward her wearing less, I have no complaints.

You know, I’ve gotten some comments that you’re being…oh what’s the word…a little to eager for the bedroom.

Well, I am married to Jane, and it’s been long enough that we haven’t done anything.  I assumed having a Jeremy Jr would indicate some bedroom activities will be happening.  That is, if I am the father.  I will be the father, won’t I?

Of course.  I believe in the sanctity of marriage.


I was having a discussion with someone and she wanted to know if you think Jane is pretty.

Yes, I do, which is why I’m being tortured right now because I can’t do anything interesting with her. 

Perhaps if you told her she’s pretty, it might speed things up a bit?

Are you saying it might or it will?  If it will, I’ll tell her in tonight’s post.

I don’t know.  Jane has a hard time believing you like her that way.



Are you going to let me change that or are you going to drag this whole platonic thing out further? 

I don’t know.  It depends on the flow of the story.  You can’t rush these things.

Or drag them to the point where it’s annoying.

True.  There’s a balance.  However, I think you’ll have to keep your feelings to yourself a bit longer.  Tell her she’s pretty but don’t mention you love her yet.  If you say the L-word, it’ll ruin the plot, at least for right now.

*rolls eyes*  Fine.  I’ll find a way to get her into bed without saying the L-word.

*sighs* Onto other topics, I was wondering if you like your job.

Yes, I do.  You’re not going to have me quit so I can move somewhere else, are you?

No.  I just caught this picture of you listening to another preacher, and it made me wonder if you like the profession I chose for you.  I mean, you look bored.

I wasn’t bored.  I was blinking at the time.


Hey, it’s the truth.  That photographer you hired to follow me and Jane around, which is ridiculous by the way, isn’t doing a good job.  If he was good, he would have caught something a little more interesting, like Jane in her bedroom or something.

Obviously, your mind is only on one thing, and no matter what I say, you keep going back to it.

Then don’t bring me in for another ‘meeting’ until you let me start on a Jeremy Jr, and I’ll talk about other things.

Maybe next time, I’ll just bring in another character from the story.

*shrugs* I don’t see why you brought me in this time.  Did we accomplish anything besides posting up more pictures?

And talking in circles.  Okay.  I do have another thing to post and that is the book trailer I made.  I’ve got some nice pictures of you and Jane.

Great.  Do you have any of us in the bedroom?

Good grief, no!  I think it’s time we ended this discussion.

Fine with me.  I’ll just take that picture of me and Jane kissing while she’s holding the flowers.  I need something to tide me over until the books gets interesting.  *snatches picture of Jane with the bare shoulders and leaves*

Well, everyone, you can’t fully blame him.  He might be a preacher, but he is a man.  If you are so inclined, here’s the book trailer I made:

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28 Responses to My Second Meeting With Jeremy (Hero from Bride of Second Chances)

  1. Christina Busby says:

    whoop whoop! go jeremy! do something Ruth LEAST expects! lol make her mad!

  2. Christina Busby says:

    good! You need to be the MAN of the book and control how its going to be 😉

    • Jeremy says: That’s my thinking on it. My bottom line was if we hit the halfway point and nothing has happened yet, then I’d have to take control of the situation. hehe

  3. Christina Busby says:

    LLLLLLLLLLLOL… Jeremy I HATE to break it to ya, but you have more then likely reached halfway! lol. 😉 CONTROL! lolllllllllllllll

  4. Rose Gordon says:

    See, all men, even preachers, think with their pizzles…(I was going to add a few other terms, but I thought better of it)

    • ROFL I thought I misread the word pizzles, so I read the sentence three times before I realized you wrote that on purpose. I don’t think a normal, healthy male would want to hold out for long. 😛 I think he’ll crack tonight and seduce Jane.

      • Rose Gordon says:

        I thought about putting another term (two words–rhymes with dove rusket) but then I thought I probably should pretend to be couth, even if I’m not.

        • We were on the same wavelength because I almost referred to Jeremy introducing Jane to his…rusket…but then thought, ‘That probably looks tacky on a blog’ and opted to be more delicate about the matter. 😀

  5. Christina Busby says:


    • Oh yeah. He’ll tell her. It’s all part of his seduction. I do think it’s time the two did it. I want Jane pregnant when they meet Eliza so Eliza can hold her grandson. I’ve decided he’ll be a redhead because she has red hair.

    • Well, I was proofing the guy’s book when Jeremy said he wanted to do it with Jane, even if it wasn’t going to post tonight. So that’s what I’ve been doing for an hour and a half. Now I need to go back and fill in the scene that comes before they have sex.

      I swear, some characters are so demanding! LOL

  6. Christina Busby says:

    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll he should look JUST like her! 🙂 lol:) cant wait… its time jane knew she is needed wanted beautiful and loved! 😉 but not hear the words! lol shhhhh

  7. Christina Busby says:

    lol i cant see the respons on here, but I can in my email.. lol its ur blog put what u want! lol rofl

  8. Christina Busby says:

    ROFL YES I DO! HILARIOUS!!! lol I read them late at night around 11 ish and had to keep from laughing . lol… cause I almost woke my kid up

  9. Christina Busby says:

    lol i totally can see u doing that in my head its hilarious. raising ur eyebrow! lol 😉 she claimed she didnt like him but really did. lol

  10. ha ha! this is so fun! Nothing wrong with his being a bit eager 😉

  11. Well, pizzles an”love muskets” sound sexy… ROFL

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