Decisions, Decisions

I’m not sure what to do about the Native American Romance series.  While some people are interested in the books, the majority are not, and I have to decide what books I’m going to write and in what order.  I also have a family to support.  Now that I am starting to make a living off of my work, I want to keep doing that.  I’m not saying I’ll always be able to support my family off my writing.  Who knows what the economy will do or how the future plays out?  That’s all up to God anyway.

But I do have to make some decisions based on what has been working and what hasn’t.  I need to position myself in the best possible way so I can have a better chance at achieving my goal: supporting my family off my writing.  In making this decision, I have to take into consideration some trends I’ve noticed on my books, overall.

1. Restoring Hope is one of my worst selling books.  It barely brings home anything.  Whether it’s the plot, book cover, book summary or the fact that it’s an interracial romance (or all of the above), I don’t know, but not enough people are interested in it to justify the time and money that went into it.

2.  People are more excited about the Nebraska series.  In fact, the Larsons are my most popular books, overall.   I get more emails asking me when I’ll come out with my next Larson book than any other email.

3.  I have lots of ideas for the Larson family.  In addition to Joel’s story, I have eight of Dave and Mary’s children to write about.  That alone would take me a minimum of two years to work on if I did absolutely no other books because that’s nine books right there.

4.  I don’t plan to write any more for the South Dakota series.  Jeremy and Jane’s story will close up that series.  It’s a nice trilogy, and I think it ought to stay that way.  I was thinking of redeeming Troy from Loving Eliza, but to be honest, I think he’s best left as he is: in jail.

5. I may or may not work on my novella ideas.  The problems with the novellas I write are few people are interested in them and I get complaints that they are too short, and yes, I get these complaints more than I get complaints about sex in my books.  So novellas are turning a lot of people off from my work.  They want full-length novels instead.  Sales and reviews back this up.

6.  Add to that, I also have a tendency to want to expand every novella I write.  I’m not saying the ones I have out now aren’t okay as they are, but each time I come up with an idea, I want to make it a full-length book.  Mitch’s Win, for example, is a book that doesn’t want to be a novella.  In fact, I might merge the idea for Mitch’s Win into a Larson book for one of Dave and Mary’s sons.  The other novella idea I had (Cherish Evermore which was going to be Irving Spencer’s story–he’s the one who was supposed to marry Jenny Larson) just isn’t appealing to me, and as sad as this might be to admit, I’m not excited about it because he’s physically incapable of having sex.  I’d rather just say he finds a woman with a medican condition where she wasn’t born with a vagina (it’s rare but it happens) so the couple is a perfect match.  So that’s the story, and to be honest, I’m not interested in writing it.  I like my work to be R if it’s romance.  My sci-fi thriller stuff is fine without the sex but the content in those books will be more for adults because of the topics I introduce.

So where do I go with the Native American series?

I have three options on the able that I am currently debating.

1. Remove all the books.

2. Go back and make it a two-part series instead of three, which means getting rid of Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.  Then I would go to Restoring Hope and Brave Beginnings and remove any leads up to the third book.  I would hire someone to help me with this since that is a time consuming task, and that’s time I could spend working on a Larson book which people do want to read.

3. Leave Bound by Honor, Bound by Love on the To-Be-Written list but don’t set a time frame on when I’ll write it.  So I don’t know when I’ll write it, but it certainly isn’t the priority because of the lack of interest in it.  Do I want to write it?  Eh.  Kind of and kind of not.  I’m more excited about the Larsons, too, to be honest.  I love historical westerns the best.  I’m also excited about Kate Page’s work.  So many ideas, so little time…

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13 Responses to Decisions, Decisions

  1. cbailey1 says:

    Well I loved Brave Beginings, and since you’ve already written it, you might as well finish, no? I see what you mean about the third one though. But why not let it sit? Maybe things will change and you will have a huge demand for it in a year or two? And even if you don’t, I don’t think that the lead up in the two books absolutely demands a final one. At least not so much that it’s necessary to take it all out.
    Anyway, that’s just my opinion 🙂

    • I’m not making a decision today but am bouncing my options around. I might wait and see if Brave Beginnings sells better than Restoring Hope. I just don’t think there is a demand for it. No one emails me about the Native American series, but they do email me about the Nebraska series. I’d say I get two emails a week about the Nebraska series, so the demand for that one is obvious. A couple of people are excited about Eliza’s son, but most people want me to get back to the Larsons. So for right now, I’m in a holding position. 😀

      For sure, I’m going to quit the novellas until one screams at me to write it. I did make that decision once I finished the post.

      • romjunkie says:

        Hi Ruth I am not sure if I am one of few. But I love the American series, from a child in the uk I always wanted to be the indian and not the cow boy, I loved going to out American museum especially the indian section, then at 12 I found out my real grandfather was american 1/8th Iroquois, so I love your series i think your portrail of their life and beliefs and justice is great and your interracial romanced strikes a cord with me … I wish the rest of the world could accept different cultures.. But to do a romance of indian with indian is brave and important too – so often Thier culture is shown as aggressive and hostile, which on the whole they were not. So I hope you can find the inspiration to complete the trilogy . But I realise it’s easy for me to read

        • Well, I don’t know much about other tribes, but I love the Mandans. They were very peaceful people. Writing Julia and Chogan’s book did open my eyes to how people from different cultures have to face the prejudices they do. I admit that I never gave it serious thought before. I know they say to write what you know, but writing what I didn’t know helped me learn a lot and appreciate what some couples go through a lot more.

          I am excited about Onawa and Citlali. I hope to get to Bismarck this summer so I can revisit the Heritage Center to see the Mandan items, and I want to go to the Mandan Slant Indian village where the earthen lodges still stand. I’d like to take pictures and videos to post on the blog and my website. That way, it’ll be more exciting and authentic to write about and hopefully to read about. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed something doesn’t prevent me from making the trip. lol

  2. Christina Busby says:

    I say leave it on the to write list. I think maybe with Brave Beginnings, it may change things around.. Give BB a chance to see if it is just restoring hope, or if it is the series. If BB doesn’t sell then it is the series and you can take it down to a part 2 series. I am a fan of BB so you already KNEW this would be my answer lol. I would like to see Onawa’s story but I can care less if its written right now. lol…. I think giving BB time it will help you make the decision.

    • If I write Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, I’m thinking it’ll be a couple years out. I’ll see how Brave Beginnings does, but I’m not optimistic. I also have a sci-fi thriller coming out that few people will buy, and you know, my Kate stuff doesn’t sell. So I’m putting out a lot of poor sellers, and I woke up today and thought that has to change. My husband’s due to retire, so I need to get serious about supporting the family in case he can’t find employment. Who knows how the economy will be when he gets out of the military?

  3. Personally, I liked Restoring Hope and Brave Beginnings , but I’m not a fan of the covers. They looking nothing like your signature covers that people love. I don’t mean the bridal part, but the simple and uncluttered covers.

    My advice: Keep the books up that are already there, redo the covers into something you think might sell better, and keep the third book on your list of to be written some day.

  4. I’d say leave it on the list for now. You can always change the others later 😉 No point in rushing a decision on it.

    • That was my original thought until my inbox got flooded. lol I’m sure you’ll see my post on what I decided, so I won’t bore you with all of that here. 😀

  5. Christina Busby says:

    lol i see ur checking email! 🙂 lolllll i am glad that your doing the book! 🙂

  6. Diana Brown says:

    Hi Ruth i really loved Restoring Hope do u know how i could read the 2nd book online plz.And i also loved eye of the beholder i’m looking forward to the 2nd book aswell thanks love ur Biggest FAN

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