Decision Made

After much thought, I’ve decided two things.  The Native American series has to be three books to be complete.  That’s what my gut says, and I have to go with my gut.  I also don’t want to wait for a year or two to write it because I’ll forget a lot of stuff I’ve already learned from my research.  This summer I hope (fingers crossed on this because every time I make plans like this, something tends to happen so I won’t get specific) to do deeper research into the Mandan culture.  This makes the best time to write book 3 this year. 

So yes, I will write Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.  I will start it this year.  I am not sure exactly when I’ll start it.  I was originally going to post Just Good Friends on the first draft blog, but I think I’ll just start on Bound by Honor, Bound by Love instead and write Just Good Friends offline. 

Because I’ll be doubling up, I have to make sure I don’t get burnt out.  So I’ll write 500 words every other day on the first draft blog.  I will probably wait until August to October before I start another Kate Page book on the blog.

I still want to publish Bride of Second Chances in Aug. or Sept. and Just Good Friends in October.  My plan is to start a Larson book in the fall.

Which brings me to my question of day:

Do you want to read Joel Larson’s story (Shotgun Groom) or Isaac’s story (Isaac’s Decision) first?  Isaac is Dave and Mary’s oldest son and he elopes with Neil’s daughter, Emily.  I think you all know the plot to Joel’s story, right?  The one where he’s forced to marry a woman, and it’s Tom Larson who holds the shotgun.  Don’t worry, it’ll be funny…or at least humor the way I do it.  😀  

Since I’ll be posting Bound by Honor, Bound by Love on the blog, the Larson book will be written offline, but it can be published in Feb. or so of next year.

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19 Responses to Decision Made

  1. Christina Busby says:

    I think u need to do all the children first before branching off to the children’s children. AS much as I would LOVE to read Issac’s I am wanting to see all the children married first then mary and tom’s kids 🙂 and WHOOP! YAY! YES! FIST IN AIR! LOL BBHBBL whoop!

    • ROFL on the last part of your comment, Christina.

      I agree. Writing Joel’s book will make everything clear for the second generation of Larsons.

    • romjunkie says:

      I agree ! Yes do Joel first …. But what about Richard and his wife? They are married when we meet the Larsons. If you write these two that will be all the Larson’s story. I think Richard and Sally? Are a complicated couple maybe they wern’t at the beginning ?

      • I haven’t ruled out Richard or Sally, but nothing is popping up plot-wise for those two. All I know is Sally pursued Rick. He was interested in someone else. So I’m keeping the door open for those two books.

      • romjunkie says:

        Oooh that’s a huge tease . So Sally swoops in and steals him from another woman? Was she horrible and undeserving of Richard? Or is Sally a not so goody redeemed so we like he on the end?

        • lol Sally was always loveable. The woman going after Rick wasn’t a good match for him and she knew it. I’m thinking the woman might have been controlling or something else that would be negative.

      • Christina Busby says:

        I do not remember Richard and his wife… hmmm Refresh my memory please.

  2. Thank you!! I’m really glad you’re going to write this, although I didn’t want to nag. You have enough on your plate these days. I really really like these books and I’m looking forward to reading the third in the trilogy. Your decision has made my day!

    • I did read your email and agree about the issues I brought up in Brave Beginnings. I don’t think the series will be complete without Onawa and Citlali. I’d email you tonight, but I’m dizzy. This time my period has wiped me out. I’m not usually this bad off. I’m hoping to make a Bride of Second Chances post tonight, even if it’s a short one. Thankfully, my kids are going easy on me today.

      I hope to go to Bismarck this summer to take pictures and videos of Mandan things, and I’d love to get to the Mandan village outside of Mandan, ND to take pictures and videos of the lodges they used to live in. That would go a long way to inspire me as I write the book. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And if I am able to go, I’ll be posting what I gather together on the website and the blog so others can see authentic stuff from the Mandan tribe. I just know I’ll cry a bit if I do this because I don’t think what happened to the Native Americans was fair. I’ll probably end the series where Citlali and Onawa are together with their baby and thinking that their way of life will one day slip into history. It’s hard for me to think about.

      • Christina Busby says:

        awwwwwwww! 🙂 Tears to my eyese. Glad u liked my last comment! lol

        • The end of the Native American series is bittersweet because the Mandan’s did have to mingle with the white man, and the last full-blooded Mandan died in the 1980s. But I will have Onawa and Citlali together and happy as a couple. So yeah, bittersweet, and I think Citlali will take over the tribe and admit that it’s time to stop resisting the inevitable which is going to be a painful moment. So it’s not 100% happy.

      • romjunkie says:

        I agree it was a tragic.. But if there is any consolation it’s I am proud to say my ancestors lived in harmony with the planet and I will tell my children if I have any!

        • That’s true. I like writing the Mandan series because a part of the past lives on, and maybe others will understand how real the past was instead of some obscure fact, if that makes any sense. 😀

  3. Logically, I have to vote with Christina, but as far as which i would want to read.. Issac would win that one 😉

    ha ha! so I guess my two votes cancel one another out…

    • LOL I know the feeling. I want to get to Isaac, too, but I think Joel is the one to go with first. I will plan on writing Isaac’s right after I finish Joel’s, so they’ll be done around the same time. Thanks, Jo!

  4. irishmary24 says:

    I don’t want to interfere with any inspiration that overtakes you! After all, the characters Do tell you who wants to be first! IMHO, I think Joel’s story should be the next of that series. The children can come next, and we may get updates of children born to Joel, and the rest, as peripheral information!

    • I’m thinking I need to do Joel first. There might be something that happens in Joel’s book that influences what happens in the others.

      Thanks for letting me know what you think!

  5. Christina Busby says:

    eep! 🙂

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