The Cold Wife: Can I Make It Work as a Contemporary?

I am now done with An Inconvenient Marriage which is now in the hands of others to do a quick proofread to make sure I took out every buggy, etc that would tie it to the past.  It feels good to have that crossed off my list, and I expect to have it back out this week.  I’m hoping for Monday but we’ll see. 

Today I actually plan to finish Life Mate.  I am up to the final scene right now, so I figure by dinner tonight, the first draft will be done.  Then I’ll give it a first read through before I send it out.

Today’s post, however, has to do with The Cold Wife.  I decided to do this one next because it is shorter than An Unlikely Place for Love by like 35,000 words.  The Cold Wife is going to be the one that takes on the biggest changes.  I will be getting rid of Ryan, the boy.  Why?  Because we don’t have orphanages in America in contemporary society.  That doesn’t mean I get rid of him.  He shows up in An Inconvenient Marriage in the Christmas play.  All this means is that instead of adopting Ryan, Ryan will now be the biological son of Carrie and Justin.  I will not state this in the actual book, but since you’re reading this, you know that’s what happens.  😀

Another change will be in Carrie and Justin’s ages.  They will be 18 and 19.  I have to do this in order to explain why Carrie didn’t already have a job.  She just got out of high school, is young and inexperienced, and no place will hire her until she has ‘experience’.  This wouldn’t be true if she worked a fast food joint, but she was used to being rich and I can’t see her picking up a job like that which would disgrace her family and give away their bankrupt status. 

I suppose computers in this story will have to get viruses so the data can’t be retrieved in the systems when Harrison Grant Sr. and Jr. do their hostile takeover of the competing businesses, except people might find it hard to believe that would happen this day in age when big corporations exist and it’s getting harder to harder to be a small business owner, thanks to taxes and the federal government coming in to dictate people’s lives. 

I wonder how much of the Grants I can trim from the story without losing the plot…


This is the one that is going to be hard. 

I’ll look it over later today and if it looks like I’ll need more time to think on it, I’ll work on An Unlikely Place for Love.  So I’ll keep you updated on what I decide.

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14 Responses to The Cold Wife: Can I Make It Work as a Contemporary?

  1. Christina Busby says:

    you can do it Ruth! 🙂 i have total faith in you.

    • I could still use the plot. It’s just how many people do I want emailing me about how unhappy they are with it. :/

      • Christina Busby says:

        Remember ruth that you no longer HAVE to read those emails! thats what your editor is for lOL:) make him suffer! 😉 muhahahahaha

        • I know, but I was insulted that someone accused me of being racist because my books feature blond people. Skin color never once occurred to me while I was writing my books.

      • cbailey1 says:

        Lol racist? Really? That’s ridiculous, and kind of funny.

        • Yeah. It took me by surprise because I never thought about skin color when I was writing my books. I was just thinking of the plot. Stepping away from the situation, I can see the humor. 😀

      • Christina Busby says:

        It makes me mad. Your editor should have just emailed them back so 😛 yah i know i know! 😛

  2. If you want to keep Ryan as an orphan it would be totally doable. north American has many orphanages. Though the kid could be in the foster system with optin to adopt. Second, you won’t have to change Carrie’s age. If she was from a rich family and lack some of the skills needed for certain jobs and bosses are looking for qualified people, she could have placed dozens of resumes and no one would hire her. Fast food restaurants perfer students over adults because they can pay them less. Lastly, even in a hostile take over only public knowledge is really free to the public. Anything could happen to flip the scale

    I don’t know if any of that helped. Good luck on your edits.

    • It helps a lot. I did a quick search on Virginia orphanges and found that they are becoming popular again because studies found they can be better than foster homes, or something to that effect. I would think a spoiled rich girl who was used to having everything handed to her wouldn’t be able to skip right on off to a job, but I figure someone will give me grief over it. I’ll just mention she sent out resumes and no one hired her. I’m thinking that there aren’t many rich women who work. I’d think socializing to make their husbands look good and hanging out with other rich women would be their big thing.

      Thanks. This helped a lot. You know your stuff!

  3. Christina Busby says:

    Glad to know you can make it work. 😀

  4. racist!? ha ha! My female leads are almost always blonde in everything I write because I like blondes :p Yeesh! people will complain about anything!

    • I was surprised it was even an issue. I guess I’ll be getting a complaint for Life Mate because Caitlyn ate a lot of chocolate, and someone will have a chocolate allergy and accuse me of not being sensitive to people’s allergies.

      Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I get another email that proves me wrong. 😀 It’s both funny and annoying.

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