The Cold Wife is Saved

I’m breathing a sigh of relief today.  Stephannie Beman made some good points, and after doing quick research on Virginia orphanages, I discovered they are becoming more popular in the US and there are some right in Virginia today.  So whew.  Ryan can be inserted into the story.  I kind of liked the kid and hated to see him go. 

As for Carrie’s age, Stephannie’s right on the resume thing.  Just because she sends them out, it doesn’t promise a job.  God knows I sent out resumes with no response in my time.  I went to college to get my MD (marriage degree) and ended up with a Psychology degree instead.  I wouldn’t say it was a total waste, but when I finally got married and my husband was cool with my staying home so I could have children, I jumped at the chance.  My big dream in life growing up was to stay at home with my kids and write.  It’s nice when dreams come true.  😀

I’ll keep Harrison Grant in, too.  So thank goodness it’s not going to be the massive overhaul I feared. 

I hate rewriting.  I try to get it all in during a first draft.  I’d rather delete scenes instead of write them in, so whenever possible, I avoid rewriting.  I was afraid The Cold Wife was going to require massive work.  So now you know how lazy I am.  I don’t want to leave the house to work, I don’t outline because it’s boring, and I don’t rewrite.  I do manage to do laundry every day, will clean the whole house once every couple of months, and will force myself to make the meals (sandwiches, hot dogs, mac n cheese, pizza, anything that is easy).  I buy cut-up fruits and veggies.  Yes, I am that lazy.  😛

Anyway, sorry to go off tangent like that.  But I wanted to express my relief and joy that The Cold Wife can remain intact.

Oh, as a side note, I did finish Life Mate and will make the final post today.  I will be doing the initial read through today and probably tomorrow since I got stuck watching MEGAMIND (for the fourth time) last night when I should have been working.  I am really surprised by how much I enjoy that movie.  I typically don’t, but I really liked how the bad guy turned good, and the moral of the story is that our path isn’t chosen for us; we choose our own path instead.  I love stuff like that.  😀

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8 Responses to The Cold Wife is Saved

  1. Christina Busby says:

    I KNEW you could do it Ruth. 😀 I am SOOOO happy!! And DIDNT we have this conversation about MEGAMIND ALREADY!?!?! YOU cannot WATCH it anymore lol 😛

  2. Rose Gordon says:

    I’m glad you figured out a way that works!

    • I already know what complaints I’ll get for it, but I’m going to keep the story as much like it originally was anyway. If someone can email me and complain that the Larsons have blond hair, then I’ve learned someone will find a reason to complain about anything.

      I plan to email you tomorrow. Today was one of those days where I didn’t get much of anything done, even though I got a solid three hour nap in. I tried blogging and my mind went blank. I tried emailing, and my mind went blank. I tried proofing and the same has happened. It’s just one of those weird days. Glad you’re feeling better.

  3. ChristinaLi says:

    I confess, I like MegaMind too! 😛 There’re so many cool twists to it. Even the romance worked out in the end!
    Have you seen Despicable Me yet?
    Uh oh, sorry for the temptation! Keep on writing all that great stuff too!! :O)

  4. yay!

    Nothing wrong with laziness. we had house cleaning day last night because today was the monthly visit from the bug sprayer guy (no, we don;pt have bugs, but some lovely people moved into one of the apartments further down and brought bugs with them, so we all get sprayed to try to keep the things from spreading while they combat them… grrrrr) I think it’s not laziness so much as priorities. The house cleaning is important to the point of not living in a slum, but what my characters are doing or what I am drawing is so much more important. after all, when we’re dead no one is going to praise us because our carpets were vacuumed!

    You should try the go go squeeze apple sauce. it is really handy. I love that stuff 😉 heh-heh.

    • Yes, a visit from the bug man will make me clean the house. I’m not sure when he’s due back out, but he also has a tendency to stick around for an hour and talk about conspirarcy theories and such. It’s not that I don’t mind the conversation, but I’m not much of a hostess. I prefer to stay home on holidays and not have anyone over. So that’s how anti-social I am and why it’s hard to have the pest guy over.

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