Quick Update and My Interview with Mark Tanner (hero from Claiming Lexie)

The good news is that I finished An Unlikely Place for Love today.  So now I am done with all four books.  What a relief.  But I do admit I enjoy the original version more because I had to cut out the scene where Kate (dressed as Billy) went to a saloon with the guys and ended up rescuing a teen from a life of prostitution before she saved a young boy from a fire.  I really liked that part, but I couldn’t make a saloon with a prostitution gig upstairs work in a contemporary, so I ditched it.  I ended up taking 10,000 words out all together, and would you still believe it was over 100,000 words?  I didn’t realize the book was that long.

I also published Brave Beginnings on Amazon yesterday evening, and to my surprise, it was all up (description, cover, everything) this morning when I went to buy it from Amazon.  Yes, I buy my books so I can have them on my Kindle.  But you know, I started writing books so I could have something I wanted to read, so it fits.  😀

Here’s the Amazon link if you have a Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Beginnings-Native-American-Romance-ebook/dp/B0052HKDZS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2&s=digital-text&qid=1306344673&sr=1-1

I am having the book formatted for Smashwords, so it won’t be up there for a while, and it’ll take another month or two before they go up on places like B&N, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, and Apple.  Speaking of which, I notice the uploading process to Kobo and Sony is slower than it used to be.  So it’s hard to say when it’ll be available through those stores.


To my surprise, there was one character who insisted on having a conversation with me.  It actually feels good for this to happen because I haven’t felt that spark in over three weeks.  So I thought I’d go along with it and see where it leads.

 Okay.  So today we have Mark Tanner who is the hero from Claiming Lexie.  Claiming Lexie is next on my To Write list under Kate Page.  When I finished Life Mate (which is now being proofed by someone other than me), I left Mark at the wedding reception after Caitlyn and Chris renewed their wedding vows.  Yeah, now you all know how the book ends, but to be fair, it’s a romance so you all know it had to have a happy ending.  😛  So no complaining that I spoiled the end for you.

Now, I left Mark and Lexie talking, which was sort of a cliffhanger, but I start Claiming Lexie at the reception so where I left off with Life Mate, I pick right up in this one.  So it’s all good.

For the record, I was never planning on fixing Mark up with Lexie.  My original plan was to fix him up with Sandy, Caitlyn’s best friend.  But Mark saw Lexie at the wedding rehearsal and…well…he sort of decided he was going to be with Lexie instead.

So with all that background info, here’s Mark.

Thanks for stopping by, Mark.  What’s on your mind?

I was wondering when you’re going to start my book.

I’m not exactly sure yet.  I’m thinking August after my husband returns to Korea.

That long?

Well, I do have a life.

And so do I.  A life that you need to write about.  You dragged me all the way across the galaxies from a planet where there are no women so I could meet my life mate, and when I finally meet her, you put a hold on the story?  I don’t think that’s fair.  One might think you’re a tease.

A tease?  You’re one to talk.  You’re flirting with a woman who is engaged.  You do know that Lexie is to marry someone else.

That’s the keyword: engaged.  She’s not married yet. 

And you have every plan of breaking the engagement so you can marry her.

Why shouldn’t I?  Not only is she hot (check the picture above), but I love talking to her.  And let’s face it, the guy she’s engaged to–the doctor who doesn’t have a name–is never around.  He’s always at work. 

He does have a name.  It’s Nick.

Nick, Rick, Bick.  I really don’t care.  All I know is that her crazy mother calls him the doctor.

Speaking of Lexie’s mother, you do understand if you follow through with your plan to whisk Lexie off her feet and convince her to elope with you, then you’ll have the crazy mother as an in-law.

*shrugs* I think she’ll be a minor annoyance.


Sure.  I understand the woman is a control freak, but Lexie doesn’t want to do everything she wants and one of those things is marrying this doctor Flick. 


Whatever.   Lexie’s not happy with him.  Marrying someone to please a parent is the stupidest reason to commit to a lifetime bond.  Lexie will be happier following her heart.

And you’re sure she wants to be with you?

I have my suspicions.  I wouldn’t say I know for sure, but I am going to do my best to convince her.  *wiggles eyebrows*

You know, you need to do more than make out with a woman to convince her to ditch her very rich boyfriend for you.

What do you take me for?  I have a lot of ideas up my sleeves.  In case you haven’t noticed from Life Mate, I’ve been studying up on what women want. 

So you think your an expert?

Well, I don’t mean to brag, but…

Yeah, right.  A couple months on Earth watching TV and reading forums on the Internet doesn’t make you an expert on women.

Oh come on.  What do you take me for?  An amateur?  I’ve read books by experts.


What’s so funny?  If the guy has a Ph.D, it’s legit.

Unless the guy happens to be divorced.  Twice.

That means he learned from his mistakes.  But I didn’t put all of my eggs into one basket.  I’ve also talked to lots of women.

Yes, I’m sure all five of them gave you wise advice.

You’re making me look like an idiot.  I seemed smart in Life Mate, but in this interview, I’m not looking so great.  I hope you shape up and show my intelligence in the book.

My point is, no man is an expert on women.  We are a complicated bunch, and I think you might discover that things aren’t going to be as easy as you think they’ll be when we do get into the book.

I hope it’s not too long.  I can’t wait to be with Lexie again.  Whatever it is you need to do to get over this ‘lag in creativity’, get over it because I got plans for an emergency escape to Orlando so we can get married at Disney.  Were you thinking of that when you sent me to Florida?

No.  I picked it because I used to live there, and to be honest, I wasn’t even thinking of doing a book 2 when I wrote Life Mate.

That hurts.  You had me join Chris on the trek to Earth, and you had no plans to do anything with me?

I was thinking of Sandy halfway through the book.

Who in the world is Sandy?

You met her, briefly.  Blonde hair, taller than Caitlyn, she was Caitlyn’s maid of honor.

Doesn’t ring a bell.

You’re being paired up with her in book 2.

Paired up with her?  Who would do such a ridiculous thing?



Chris’ wife.

I know who she is.  I just don’t know why she would do something so stupid.  It’s evident that I’m meant to be with Lexie.

It’s not evident to everyone, especially since Lexie is already engaged.

*sigh*  There’s that reminder again.  She might start out with Doctor Mick, but she’s ending up with me.

I have no doubt about that.  Well, we’ll see how you pull your plan off and see just how much of an ‘expert’ you really are.  😉

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  1. lol Mark I am surprised at you! you sound alot like Jeremy. lol.. I kept thinking for sure u would say Doctor Dick! LOL :X

  2. lol BECAUSE he is relentless and won’t let you rest. they are different people, but they sound similar in the fact that they don’t leave you alone.

  3. LOL! we’ll have to see who “wins” in book 2, huh? 😉

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