Plan for Bride of Second Chances (My Way of Outlining a Book)

With any luck, I’ll actually finish Bride of Second Chances by mid-June.  I am keeping my fingers crossed on this, of course.  Tonight after breaking down and drinking coffee (which I avoid most of the time after passing a kidney stone and being recommended to stay away from caffeine so I can focus on water and cranberry juice instead), I was able to write 778 words today.  This used to be a low number for me.  It wasn’t uncommon to write 2000 words total when I combined all of my projects in the day.  I typically work on two projects at a time.  One is in the morning and the other is in the evening.  So while 778 words is not my average, it makes me happy since I’ve been struggling to get 200 words.

Yes, Eliza has met her son, and Jane and Jeremy are still in South Dakota with Eliza and her family.  I figure they will spend another chapter there.  So that will make three chapters total for this segment of the book.  I don’t want to lose sight of the main plot, which is Jeremy and Jane getting Rebecca’s “blessing” on their marriage, so it’s important they go back to Nebraska.  But after that, I’ve decided where they will be, and I’m sure you all have already guessed where that is, but just in case you don’t, I should leave it as a surprise.  😀

I am trying to map out how much more I have in this book.  I am currently at 54,500 words.  My goal is 65,000 words.  So I’m about 10,500 words away from the end, theoretically.  If it runs over, it runs over.  What helps me finish a story is mapping it out on my blog.  I used to do this all the time when I had a Myspace account.  So I don’t know if this will spoil the book for anyone.  I’m not planning to go into detail.  I’m just doing a outline, of sorts.  While I don’t outline a book at the beginning, I do often outline it when I get close to the end.  I am on chapter 19, and I figure I have a couple more chapters left.  This helps me know how I’m going to wrap up the book.

Here goes:

Ch 19: Jane with Eliza and Lucy (this is almost done)  (estimate end at 55,000 words)

Ch 20-21: Eliza tells Jeremy about his conception, Jeremy talks to Jane, everyone goes to church   (estimate end at 60,000 words)

Ch 22: Jeremy and Jane return home; Jeremy looks at Rebecca’s book and receives Rebecca’s blessing; cemetery scene; resolution to the main plot  (estimate end at 63,000 words)

Ch 23: Jeremy and Jane move and get settled into their new home and Jane gives birth; Jeremy finally gives the sermon he couldn’t give early on in the book about God working good for all those who love Him (if anyone remembers, this was in chapter 1 or 2 when he was trying to write out a sermon on this topic but couldn’t because he didn’t believe it in the middle of his pain over missing Rebecca)   (estimate end at 65,000 to 66,000 words)

There’s my version of an outline.  It’s hard to believe I’m five chapters away from being done.  Setting these goals and marking them down at the end of the book is important to me because it keeps me focused.  Now maybe since I can see the end in sight for this book, I will have an easier time writing it.  *fingers crossed*

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  2. Looks like a perfectly good outline to me 😉

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