New Series and Cover Ideas

Kate Page’s series was called Across the Stars because they feature romances with a hint of fantasy.  They aren’t ‘romantic fantasies’ because the fantasy is a minor fragment in the story.  

Now that I am getting rid of Kate, I am taking the series over as Ruth.  Here’s the books I have planned so far for this series:

1. Life Mate (or Suddenly a Bride).  If anyone likes the title Suddenly a Bride more, please let me know.  This is book 1 where Chris comes from a planet with no women to find a life mate (aka. wife) on Earth.  The woman he marries is named Caitlyn.

2.  Runaway Bride.  This is Mark and Lexie’s romance.  Mark is another guy from that planet with no women who came down with the hero in Life Mate (or Suddenly a Bride) in book 1.  Lexie is Caitlyn’s sister.  Lexie’s engaged and ready to marry someone Mark is convinced she doesn’t love (and he’s right).  So there’s an elopement in the story; hence the title, Runaway Bride.  I was going to name this Claiming Lexie, but with the cover I picked out for this book, I like Runaway Bride much better.

3.  The Write Husband.  In this one Sandy (Caitlyn’s best friend) has sworn off men (after Mark ditched her for Lexie, along with other bad experiences).  To vent, she writes a fantasy.  I am not sure on the details, but let’s just say she’s killing off men in the book she’s writing, and one of the male characters in her story drags her into the book to talk some sense into her.  I want it to be a comedy, but we’ll see.  The ‘Write’ in the title is a play on words.

Okay.  I’ll probably add more to it as I go on or this might be it.  Who knows?

Anyway, since I am converting Life Mate over to Ruth, I need a new cover.  The cover for Runaway Bride was easy, but I’m having trouble with this one, so if anyone wants to tell me what they like, I’d appreciate it.  Or if you think Suddenly a Bride is a better title than Life Mate, let me know. 😀

cover idea 1

cover idea 2

cover idea 3

cover idea 4

cover idea 5

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  1. I like Life Mate better 🙂

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