Update on Bride of Second Chances and What I Plan To Write Next

Well, I just spent half an hour making this post and lost everything.  Even autosave didn’t kick in.  Ironically, I lost it after I hit ‘publish’.  Let’s try this again…

I decided to go back and add a chapter that is the new chapter 13 to further develop Jeremy and Jane’s relationship as they go from “friends” to more.  I am halfway through this chapter and hope to finish it tonight.

After that I have 1.5 chapters left.  I need to give Jane a secure place as #1 in Jeremy’s life.  The reader and Jeremy know she’s #1, but she has to feel it.  After that, she and Lucy give birth and that’s pretty much it.  So we’re almost there.  I hope to be done by Sunday.  Then I’ll post what I did to finish the book on the first draft blog.

I don’t know how many people saw my post on the first draft blog, but I’ve decided to drop it.  I need to simplify my life.  I’ll be cutting everything but two blogs: this one and the Self-Published Author’s Lounge.  The Self-Published Author’s Lounge blog is actually one I share with a couple of other writers.  It’s just that I tend to be the one who posts the most.  I haven’t had time to go over there for the past month, and it shows.  Joleene Naylor and Janet Syas Nitsick have posted, but that’s it and I know they’re just as busy, if not more so, than I am.  This blog is important because in a world of indie authors where some of them attack other indie authors, it’s good to have a place where indie authors can find support.  Too many people go on the attack when kind words work so much better.  Sadly, the spirit of competition is rampant.  😦

Anyway, since I’ve decided to drop my pen name and the first draft blog, the stress load has lifted and I feel a huge sense of relief.  I will finish Bride of Second Chances on the first draft blog, but once I’m done, that’s it.  I really can’t keep going on the first draft blog.  I’ve been spreading myself too thin.

So now that I’ll have two blogs and Facebook, I can focus more on writing, and since I won’t have people I don’t know that well leaving me feedback while I write, I can turn off the internal editor and focus on being creative, which is what I desperately need to do.  I can’t explain how important that is, but without the creative spark, I shut down and can’t write.

This also frees me up on writing books I want to write instead of books that I think I should write.  So Bound by Honor, Bound by Love will be put on hold.  I need a break from it so I can focus on books that are vying for my attention.

This is one I hope to have the first draft done by mid-September so I can hand it off to my proofreaders.  My hopeful publishing date on this is mid-October.

I also want to work on Runaway Bride because Mark is bugging me about it.  Yes, sometimes characters are vocal in getting their story done.  😉  I’d like this book published in November or December.

I’d like to get started on the first draft of Joel Larson’s story before the year ends.

I might be able to start another story, but we’ll see.  I have no idea what I’ll want to work on after Shotgun Groom.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  😀

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