Done With Bride of Second Chances and Upcoming Books I Will Publish This Year

As I hoped, I finished Bride of Second Chances. 

Yesterday was the last day I wrote it.  The South Dakota Series is officially done.  I’d like to possibly link up Jane and Jeremy or Brian and Lucy’s child to one of Dave and Mary’s children, but that will be a part of the Nebraska Series.  A complete list of my books given in chronological order according to the series they fall under can be found here.

  I am spending this weekend touching up this book.  On Monday, I will send this book out two to people to proofread.  One proofreader will have it done by July 1, and the second one will have it done by July 31.  I’d love to have this book out around the first week of August.

While I am talking about anticipated publishing dates on my books, I should go ahead and plan what I hope to accomplish for the rest of this year.

1. Suddenly a Bride

The proofreaders I have on this one should be done soon.  I plan to publish this one around July 1 or the first week of July.  I know.  My husband might be here, but the hard work will have already been done.  😀  I’ll put it Amazon first in Kindle.  Then I wait for the person formatting it so I can publish the Smashwords version.  From there, I have to wait for Smashwords to approve it and then send it out to places like B&N, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, and Apple.  I have no control over the timing that any book is published once it goes to Smashwords. 

For example, I published Brave Beginnings on Amazon May 25.  I published it on Smashwords on May 29.  Smashwords still has not approved this book, so it can’t go out to any of the other booksellers until it’s approved.  I’m surprised it hasn’t been approved yet.  Usually, it goes through in a week, and we’re on two weeks.  If at the end of June, it hasn’t been approved, I’ll reupload it.  Sometimes I have to do it again, whether it’s on Amazon or Smashwords.  I guess it’s what you would call a ‘glitch’ in the system.  🙂

2.  Just Good Friends

I plan to write this one next because I want it out in October.  It’s a holiday romance, so the timing is important.  This book should complete the Omaha series, unless a character pops up that piques my interest.  You never know.  Some series come to an end and some continue.

3.  Runaway Bride

I might write this while I write Just Good Friends, but I expect to publish this one in November or December.

4. Shotgun Groom

I’d like to have the first draft of this one done by December 31.  So that would make Feb. the potential publishing month for it.  😀

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