Interview with Chris West (hero from Suddenly a Bride)

I’m really excited about this particular book.  It’s a little different from what I usually do since it has an element of fantasy in it.  I hesitate to say sci-fi, but it could be compared to that since the hero is from another planet.  But I’d say very light sci-fi/fantasy.  At heart, it’s a contemporary romance.

For those of you who don’t know, Suddenly a Bride is about a man who comes from a world where women have become extinct due to genetic tampering.  Because there are no women, some men opt to find their life mates (aka wives) on either Alaris or Earth, two planets that have women who are compatible with them.  Suddenly a Bride starts out with Chris West who makes a request for a life mate on Earth.

Now for the interview…

Chris, what motivated you to pursue a life mate?

Loneliness.  Pandoran is where I’m from, and though we had more than enough conveniences to make life easy, without a woman to share my life with, I was leading a meaningless existence.  I’ve heard it said on Earth that people are meant to love and be loved.  It’s the same for the men on Pandoran.

Is there anything you miss about Pandoran?

No mother-in-laws.  *laughs*  I’ve learned that not all women are easy to deal with here on Earth, but it’s worth it to have Caitlyn.

What is the problem with her mother?

She gives Caitlyn a lot of grief.  It’s not something Caitlyn needs.  I didn’t even realize how much her mother bothered her until she told me.  Had I known, I would have put my foot down sooner when her mother talked to me about doing a surprise wedding, though we were already married.

Chris and Caitlyn at the beach in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Right.  Because of the bonding ceremony.  That’s how men and women used to be married on your world before women became extinct.

Yes.  We didn’t have formal ceremonies where we got dressed up and stood in front of family and friends to promise ourselves to each other.  The bond is a private and intimate encounter which links us together for life.  It’s the Earth equivalent of a wedding, so as soon as Caitlyn and I performed the bonding ceremony, we were linked for life.

I notice you didn’t warn her that you came from Pandoran to be her life mate before you went through with the ceremony.  Some people are likely to wonder why.

To be honest, I was worried about securing the bond so the future of my children would have a permanent place in her life.  Star Systems Unlimited gave her to me as a life mate and married us on paper, but until we went through the bonding ceremony, it wasn’t official. I didn’t know what to expect from women, given my inexperience.  Knowing what I do now, I know I should have asked her.  I’ve learned a lot about women after coming to this planet.

Well, it all turned out okay, and I wouldn’t have fixed you up with a woman who would’ve taken offense to it.  Caitlyn’s easygoing and adapts easily to new situations.  That’s why I set you up with her.  If you’d been with Sandy, she would have had you arrested. 

I’m very glad you didn’t fix me up with Sandy then.  I can’t imagine loving anyone but Caitlyn.  She’s even better than I hoped for in a life mate.  And what’s even better is the fact that she loves me.  Life mate bonds on my world didn’t often result in love.  There were a few cases of it happening, but it was rare.  Most of them was for the sake of passing on the genetic lines.

What’s the biggest difference between Pandoran and Earth, minus the fact that Earth has women on it?

Earth has a long way to come in technological advancements.  Things like cars and computers are like toys on my world.  These are things mastered in primary school.  We also didn’t have the health problems people on Earth do, so we don’t need doctors.  Our bodies stay in optimal shape until we die.  I will say the technology was also our downfall.  If we hadn’t engaged in genetic tampering, we wouldn’t be in the current predicament we’re in.  I hear that the scientists on Earth are in the early stages of genetic research.  I really hope they don’t make the same mistake we did.  The fact that every baby born is unique is a strength.  It’s no good having genetically perfect children if it leads to a loss of the family unit.

I was born in a lab from an artificial womb, lived in a dorm for students while I went to school, and lived in a small apartment when I became an adult.  One thing I want more than anything else is for my children to grow up with parents who love them.  No amount of technology can make up for the love of a family.

I think your children will grow up very happy with you and Caitlyn to raise them.

I think so, too.  I couldn’t ask for a better life mate.

Now, you came with another man from your world.  His Earth name is Mark Tanner.  But he didn’t make the same purchase for a life mate like you did.

No, he didn’t.  He wanted to take his time and figure out if Earth was the right place to find a life mate.

You suspect he found someone who interests him toward the end of your story, didn’t you?

Yes, but I don’t know if he can get Caitlyn’s younger sister, Lexie.  Lexie’s already engaged to some guy who’s a doctor.

Have you met her fiance?

No.  He’s never around.   All I know is that he’s always at work.

Or at least that’s what he says.  Do you ever suspect he might be doing something else?

Why would I?  Don’t people on this planet mean it when they say they’re doing something?

I guess we’ll have to find out in Runaway Bride.  In Runaway Bride, Caitlyn will give birth to your first child, so that will be exciting for you as well.

I can’t wait to see our child.  That will be great.

Thanks for stopping by, Chris.  I’ll let you get back to Caitlyn so you can have something to eat.  I know how hungry she gets while she’s pregnant.

Thanks for having me on here.


If only all characters were so cooperative.  I will say Chris was one of the easiest characters I’ve ever written.  😀

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