Update on What I’m Working On

1.  Suddenly a Bride (or would it be better as Instant Bride?)

One of my two proofreaders got Suddenly a Bride back to me.  This person thinks it’s funny to call the book Instant Bride, but I’m wondering if that makes for a better title.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?

So now I’m waiting for the second proofreader to get back to me.  There’s some smoothing out I need to do with a couple of scenes to make them flow better, so I’ve been listening to it on my Kindle to get the ‘flow’ of the story.  This is different from editing and proofreading. 

But the estimated publishing date of July 1 for Amazon and Smashwords still is on.  😀

2.  Bride of Second Chances

Two more posts on the first draft blog and I’ll be done posting it.  I am giving the final touches to it before I send it off to proofreaders.  One of my proofreaders used to be an English teacher.  So I’m good on proofreaders.  🙂

3.  Started Just Good Friends

I’m not rushing it, but I’d like to get the ball rolling on this book so I did.  I have added my word total so far into the word counter under the book cover (on the right) so you can keep track of my progress.

4.  I also want to work on Runaway Bride.

Just Good Friends is time sensitive since it’s a holiday romance, but Mark from Runaway Bride keeps bugging me.  So today I decided to compromise.  I’ll work on Just Good Friend and Runaway Bride, but I’m not rushing any of them.  I’ll write as the mood strikes.

5.  Thinking of changing the title The Write Husband to Reluctant Bride. 

I looked for good pictures for The Write Husband, and it dawned on me that I love pictures of brides a lot more than pictures of grooms.  Something about the dress catches my attention, and maybe it’s the fantasy of a happy ever after that bridal dresses represent. 

But I’ll post a couple of cover ideas with the two titles so you can throw in your recommendation or I might figure it out after posting them.  Sometimes it helps to see it on the blog for something to ‘click’, if that makes sense.

So that’s the latest and greatest.  I hope to do another character interview tomorrow.  I’m not sure from which book.


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