New Titles and Covers Coming

I’m not going to mess with the books I already have out, but I am going to change the future titles I have coming out.  There are two books I’m going to change.  One is Bound by Honor, Bound by Love.

I want a new cover and a new title.  I’m thinking something with Mandan in the title.  Maybe Mandan Bride, His Mandan Bride, Onawa’s Man, or something along those lines to better say it’s a Native American romance.  I’m thinking of using a rose for the cover.  It’s hard to find an attractive picture of a Native American woman that says romance.  My bride covers attract a lot more people than the other type of covers do, but I think a flower will be a close second.  Maybe I’ll take down Prelude to Brave Beginnings and use that as the cover for the third Mandan book.

A few people have said I need a new cover for Restoring Hope.  I’ve thought about it, but based on past experience, changing a cover does nothing to increase sales so what’s the point?  I won’t attract more people with a new cover.  So that’s why I’m staying with it and moving on to improving future books instead.

I’ve already changed the cover and title to Isaac Larson’s romance which I plan to write next year.  Here’s the old cover and title:

And now here’s the new one:

I really like “Bride” in the title, and I fell in love with this cover when I first saw it.

I’m keeping the covers to Suddenly a Bride, Runaway Bride, Just Good Friends (because of the holiday theme and how happy the couple looks–they scream fun!), and Shotgun Groom.

I did an initial check for pictures that would go along with The Write Husband because nothing is clicking.  I’ll post a couple samples in a few days.  I still have to get an interview up with Lucy and Brian Evans from Bride of Second Chances.

Tomorrow that is my goal.  (I’ve been saying that for the past three days.  😛  But I do want to get it up.  I even bought their picture off of dreamstime.)

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  1. The new Isaac’s cover is awesome!!!

  2. I hope you bought bride and groom picture legally from stock? Cause I am the author.

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