The Writing Slump

I’d like to say that Amazon removed the third stolen book, but they haven’t.  Apparently, they even removed a couple of reviews people left on my behalf.  😦  So after I wait the week as the lawyer said, I will have to contact her about it.  I’m not looking forward to it, and yes, my husband is due home from South Korea on Friday.  Having to go to a lawyer (even after going through the process of notifying Amazon with all the details) is draining, to say the least.  It’s not that making a phone call is draining, but you wonder if it’ll do any good, along with a lot of other things.  Then you just get emotionally drained.

I state all of the above to say I’m also drained as far as doing any writing.  I don’t know how long it’ll take to get the motivation back to write something.  So you could say that my husband coming back is coming at the right time since I planned to go on a break anyway.  I just wish it wasn’t this situation that brought me to the break, if that makes sense.   I spent almost all day yesterday lying down on the couch when I wasn’t doing something for the kids, and that is all I feel like doing.  I forced myself to mow the lawn and will have to clean the house tomorrow.  Yeah, I got big plans.  LOL

But I have to realize this writing slump isn’t going away soon.  I realize God’s allowed all of this for a reason, and I know what He has planned is better than what I had planned for myself.  Whatever happens will be seen down the road. 

However, how much I’ll be able to write and when it’ll be written, I can’t say.  I had plans for Just Good Friends, but that might have to be next year’s project.  I had plans to finish and publish Runaway Bride by December.  I had plans to finish the first draft of Shotgun Groom by the end of this year.  I had plans to write Isaac’s Bride next year.  I still want to write these books.  It’s just when will I be able to that is up in the air.  I know better than to force a story. 

For now, I might go back over some stuff I planned to publish under Amanda Winters and get those out.  These were things I meant to get around to but put off to work on romances.  I don’t expect to make money off of Amanda’s stuff, but you know, it’s not about the money.  I know it might seem that way at times, but it’s really not.  It’s about owning and getting credit for what I wrote.  The worst thing that’s happened to me as an author is to have someone steal my work and pretend to be me.  That’s not the worst thing that could happen to me as a person, a wife, or a mother.  So don’t think I’m not counting my blessings because I am.  This is just another bump in the road that will inevitably bring me closer to God and make me better in the end.

I hate to end this post on a depressing note so I hope the last part was uplifting.  Just know that I will write when I can.  😀

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7 Responses to The Writing Slump

  1. Sad to see Amazon STILL has not removed it 😦 I have to say I’m disjointed in the way they’re handling this one. I tried sending them some feedback on it, though I doubt it will do any good, LOL!

    I think you’re handling it quite well, though, and have a good outlook 😉

    • I alternate between optimistic and a “you can’t worry about things you can’t control” to “die scumball, thief, die!” extremes. I contacted Amazon again today and told them I’ll be contacting a lawyer on Friday if they don’t take the book down. I don’t know if that will do any good, but I have to try everything I can think of.

  2. cbailey1 says:

    Issac’s Decision is going to be at least partially about Dave learning to forgive Neil, no? What happened to you was terrible, but perhaps God is trying to teach you something about forgiveness in preparation for your book?

    • Yes, it is partially about Dave having to forgive Neil. I don’t know who stole my books, and I’m not mad at anyone. What I do feel is a high level of frustration for reasons I won’t disclose since the thief could be reading my blog posts and the comments under them. If anything, this is a lesson in learning to hand things over to God to handle. 😀

  3. julihoffman says:

    Even Jesus got angry and tossed a few tables around. (See Mark 11:15-19) I’ve always LOVED this particuliar passage. It’s one of my favorites. To me, it shows that it’s OK to feel angry. It’s part of being human. Jesus got angry. There, I said it! Sorry if anyone was offended, but it’s the truth. If he was angry enough to knock over the money changer’s tables, you KNOW he was in a BAD mood. You know he was having a rotten day. First he was upset with a fig tree, and then he had a rough day in the temple. Everything must have seemed to be going wrong. I know you don’t know me, and I only know you through your writing/blogs, but I think it’s OK to feel what you feel. This person (or persons) hurt you. It’s OK to feel angry. You want to toss a table? Well I suppose that’s OK too. It might not work out with your cleaning plans and your hubby may look at you funny when he comes home, but why not? LOL Just don’t let the bad guys win. You seem to love to write. It shows in your stories and in your blogs. Work through all your feelings, take what time you need. Be angry! Be sad! Be all seven dwarves! Just don’t let the bad guys win and take away your love of creating. You’re in my thoughts Ruth Ann. Take Care!

    • This is very true. I go through cycles in my emotions. Mostly, its frustraion. This morning it’s depression mixed with anger at Amazon for not taking down the third book when they’ve been given all the information they requested. Tomorrow I’ll have to call a lawyer and hope he/she works with me. I’m not looking forward to it, but I don’t see any other option open at this point. I’ve done everything else I can think of. I’ve done through bouts of anger, and you’re right in that there’s nothing wrong with being angry. The focus of my anger is at Amazon for not doing something. They have access to the KDP dashboards, our bank info, our social security numbers, addresses, emails, passwords, etc, and they can’t take the time to look into the other ‘ruth nordin’s’ account and cross check my book over at Smashwords? I find it hard to believe this can’t be solved in one day. Sure, they might have other emails to sort through, but they’ve known for ten days now and haven’t done a thing.

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