Back From Vacation and some Pictures to Share

I spent this past week on vacation.  Besides visiting my in-laws where the kids got to spend a fun time with their grandparents, I went to Bismarck, North Dakota to take some pictures.  I went to two places of particular interest to me.  One was the Heritage Center where I got some pictures of mid-to-late 1800s items and displays of Mandan earthen lodges with figurines of where things would be in the lodges.  The other was the Mandan Indian Slant Village outside of Mandan (which is within minutes of Bismarck).  This Mandan Indian Village had real earthen lodges with genuine articles inside one that I got some pictures of during the tour. 

I plan to share these pictures on this blog which I’ll link up to my website in the upcoming week or two.  I’d like to get some of these things uploaded into videos for a presentation similar to a book trailer.  That way I can have some music and text to go with the pictures.

On my way back to Minnesota where the in-laws are, I went to DeSmet, South Dakota where Laura Ingalls Wilder spent a part of her life (where she taught school for three years and also met and married her husband).  Laura wrote the Little House on the Prairie books, and she was born in 1867 so she lived in the time period I like to write about.  I figured going there would give me a feel for the late 1800s. Unfortunately, I could only take pictures of the school house because the items in the homes she and her family stayed in had items that were copyright protected.  So I can only share the school house she taught at.  I was hoping for some more pictures of late-1800s items.  Maybe next year, I can make it to the 1880s town in Murdo, South Dakota and take pictures there to add to my collection of 1800 pictures and videos. 

To give you a sample of what I’ll be posting, here are some pictures I took:

1800s parlor


Mandan Indian Earthen Lodges



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  1. welcome back and very cool! We went to see the Laura Ingalls house here in Missouri – no photos inside the houses there, either 😦

    • Thanks for sharing the pictures of Laura’s house in Missouri! I love that door to nowhere. LOL My thought is it was an easy way to get on the roof in case they needed to repair it. Hey, did you see the Nickelodeon show called Are You Afraid of the Dark? that had an episode of a dollhouse in the attic and when you went through a door like that, you stepped into the doll house? I thought that was their best episode.

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