What I’m Writing and Mandan Indian Video

I plan to answer emails either tonight or tomorrow.  I’m compiling more pictures to put into trailers to share with others.  Today I worked on the Mandan earth lodges, which I’ll post below.  I uploaded it on You Tube so it’s easy to insert into the post and on my website.  I’m not putting the trailers on the website until I finish making all of them.  These pictures were models of how the Mandan Indians lived.  I do have pictures of the real thing but want to put those into a separate video. 

Before I post the video, I wanted to share my plan on what I’m writing.

1.  Bound by Honor, Bound by Love. 

This is the third and final book I’ll write for the Native American Romance series.  My goal is to write 200 words a day for this book, which puts me at a year for when this will be complete.  I figure 200 words a day gives me 73,000 words so I’ll be in the year range for finishing this book.

2.  Just Good Friends. 

My goal is 700 words a day in hopes of getting it ready for mid-November since it’s a holiday romance that spans Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  (That’s the plan anyway.)  I don’t sell well in contemporary romances.  (As in for the 60 people who bought Suddenly a Bride, 550 bought Bride of Second Chances.  That’s a big difference in the span of a month on Amazon.) My historicals sell better, esp. the historical westerns.  However, this book doesn’t fit as a historical.  I’ve thought of ways to modify it, but it loses its flavor.  I will say, however, that I’ve decided after this book, Runaway Bride is the last contemporary romance I plan to write, which I don’t plan to start until I finish Shotgun Groom and Just Good Friends.  I’m pretty much done with contemporaries.  My focus will be on more historical westerns, esp. those featuring the Larsons since I get more emails on that family than any other I’ve written.

3.  Shotgun Groom. 


I want to get this out by Christmas of this year, and it’s a Larson book.  From here, I’ll feature the children Dave and Mary had.  I plan to include some children Joseph and Margaret had in A Husband for Margaret.  I’m thinking Jonathan from Bride of Second Chances might work well with this series as well.  We’ll see how things progress.  It’s really too soon to tell how the whole series will play out, but I have eight children to work with.  I’d like to do something with Brian and Lucy and Jeremy and Jane’s children, too.  So, I do have lots of historical western romance story ideas.  Someone asked about Sally meeting and marrying Rick (Sally is Dave’s older sister).  I’d like to, but I have nothing calling to me on that story so I’m not planning on writing a Sally at this point in time.

My goal for Shotgun Groom is between 1000 to 1300 words a day.


I’ve started these three books already.    I’m not going to hold myself for every single day on meeting each word goal, but I hope this will be the average as I go along and write them.


Now that I’ve updated the to-write list, I will post the video of the Mandan life…

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  1. very cool! how many people lived in one of the earth lodges? was it just a single family or more than one?

    • Anywhere from 10 to 15 people lived in each lodge. It was one family. The women in the family owned the lodge and the men moved into their lodge when they married them. Typically, one man had three wives because it was common practice for the man to marry a woman and her sisters. (This won’t happen in my books, of course, but it’s something I learned.) So, in a lodge the mother, aunts, sisters, and wives would be in the lodge with their spouses. When men married, they went to the woman’s lodge, and if she got tired of him, she threw his clothes and hunting supplies out which was a divorce. From what I read and learned, it doesn’t sound like the man could divorce her..

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