Got the Plot for Sally Larson’s Romance!

Now to come up with a title and cover. 

Thanks to a friend, I got the final piece of the plot set in place for Sally Larson’s book.  She was already married when I started writing about the Larsons.  The first book I wrote in that series was Eye of the Beholder.  Rick Johnson, the judge who married Dave and Mary, was Sally’s husband. 

I knew that Rick wasn’t interested in her when they met.  In fact, he had his sights set on another woman.  Sally, however, is not one to be dissuaded.  When she wants something bad enough, she goes after it, and lucky for Rick, she’s determined to have him.  (Okay, I realize I switched from past to present tense in that paragraph because suddenly, I realized I can use part of this in the description.  LOL) 

Anyway, my friend’s idea was of a kidnapping in the middle of the night, and I thought, “Sally would do something like hide out in the woman’s bedroom so Rick kidnaps her instead of the one he intends to marry.” So the other woman will be a friend who isn’t interested in Rick “that way” and yes, Rick will say “I do” before he knows it’s Sally.

I know, I know.  It actually sounds like Sally is a shrew when I state it like this, but the other woman will be all wrong for Rick.  It’s just a matter of figuring out why.  Of course, depending on “why”, it could change whether or not this woman is Sally’s friend.  I mean, if the woman is horrible, she won’t be Sally’s friend.  If it’s simply just not being a “good fit” personality-wise, then this woman can be Sally’s friend.  I might have to start the book with Sally hiding and waiting for Rick to kidnap her.  We’ll see.  I like to start the book at an interesting place if possible.  I’m not big for giving out tons of background information until it becomes relevant to the plot.  So maybe it’ll look like Sally’s doing something horrible in the beginning until the plot unfolds and you realize she’s not. 

There’s no telling how the story will go this early in the creative process. 

Now I’m thinking of a good title to go with it.  I was thinking of possible words to use which include trap, kidnap, trick, deceive, ploy, switch, mismatch, scheme, and plan.  I wonder if something like “Bait and Switch” would work.  The title will probably influence the cover, and I want both to say romance. 

Hmm…  Well, I’ll have to think on it and see what happens.  Sometimes a title will come immediately, and sometimes, it doesn’t.  The same is true for the cover.  I might use this picture, though, since I love it:

Edited since I originally posted this: 

Okay.  I might change the “kidnapping” to happen during the day.  It’s possible the other woman might be a friend of Sally’s who convinces her to dress up like her so Rick takes Sally instead of her.  That way Sally wouldn’t necessarily be the “plotter”, but she would take advantage of her “good fortune”.  😉  There are many ways this story can go.

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4 Responses to Got the Plot for Sally Larson’s Romance!

  1. cbailey1 says:

    Just a thought: maybe the friend is engaged to someone else? Maybe it’s a secret and Rick has no idea? Or maybe he knows and thats why he trys to kidnap her? So either way Sally’s doing everyone a favor, even if he doesn’t see it right away.

  2. Rose Gordon says:

    First for a title. If he’s already a judge, what about: Trapping the Judge? Or The Judge’s Trap?

    There’s already a book out there called The Husband Trap so you might not want to go that route.

    During the day would be good. What if it’s a misunderstanding? He and Martha May, Sally’s friend, plan to elope, but since they’re eloping she can’t be seen so she’s supposed to sneak into the covered part of his wagon, but accidentally gets in the wrong one… At the same time, Sally knows her friend is going to run off with Rick but Sally wants to talk to Martha May one last time (either to dissuade her from marrying him or for some other girlie reason) so she’s waiting for Martha May in the back of Rick’s wagon when suddenly it starts rolling down the road….

    Okay, I’ve had my fun for the day!

    • The Husband Trap would be a wonderful title, but yes, it’s out already. And the woman used up The Wedding Trap, too. Grrr… LOL

      Judging the Right Bride? I like the idea of using “Judge” somewhere in the title. Sometimes the title is easy, and sometimes it’s horrible. Second to it is the right cover.

      I LOVE the idea of there being a mix-up like that! I’m going to use it. Thanks!

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