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I’ve been debating on which direction to take Sally Larson’s book.  I’m not sure how the plot will play out.  I’ve tweaked on ideas for how she might get to Rick Johnson to unknowingly marry her, and I don’t think I can make the story work with her slipping into his buckboard or carriage.  So I thought I’d take the plot to Just Good Friends and insert it into this story with some modifications.

Here’s my latest idea on the book:

Sally has a friend we’ll call the friend Ethel Mae.  Ethel Mae is complaining about this judge (Rick) who just moved to town who knows her father.  Her father invited him home for supper one night and now Rick makes it a habit of coming by to see her father, but Ethel is in dread that he’s there to see her (and she’s right).  She doesn’t know how to get rid of him and she’s afraid of hurting Rick’s feelings and disappointing her father who’s happy Rick is showing an interest in her.

So Ethel Mae tells Sally about her problem and suggests she introduces Sally to Rick in hopes that Rick will take an interest in Sally.  Sally meets Rick and falls in love with him, but Rick is still interested in Ethel Mae.  Sally decides Rick will be her husband, but it’s a matter of getting him to realize what a great catch she is.  She talks Rick into acting as if he’s courting her in “hopes” of making Ethel Mae jealous.  What Sally really hopes is that he’ll fall in love with her.  Rick agrees, and I’m sure Sally will come up with some clever ways to get Rick to see her without Ethel being around.

That’s all I got on the story so far.  I’d like him to end up marrying her halfway through the book for some reason he can’t get out of but in a way that Sally manages to orchestrate.  But it’s too soon to tell how the story will play out.

I think I’ll call it Her Heart’s Desire, and this is the tentative cover:

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