The New Cover to Shotgun Groom

Don’t panic.  I didn’t take any of the mock-ups I made on GIMP.  I was surprised by the amount of emails I got today asking me not to use any of the covers I did in GIMP.  LOL  I was just playing around with the program and showing what I accomplished.  I am going to use the one I did for Bound by Honor, Bound by Love which is now on the lower right side of this screen.  Yes, I am aware I need to actually continue writing the book.  It’s the book I’ll write as I feel inspired to it, and currently, Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision are taking center stage.

On a quick side note: my plan to have Tom hold Joel at gunpoint sunk as fast as a rock when I brought Tom into the book.  The characters, not even Tom (surprisingly), are not agreeable to it at all.  Tom, for one, looks bad.  Even if Tom’s itching to give Joel a hard time, he can’t bring himself to force Joel into a lifetime commitment.   The only way Tom would force Joel to get married is if April played the “he took advantage of me” card, and April is not going to lie and say Joel was intimate with her because she’s far too honest for something like that.  However, she is scared enough of Lou where she and/or Sep will hold a gun to Joel so he marries her.  And….the kicker which Joel will never admit in an interview…Joel isn’t that opposed to the marriage.  He’s lamenting his freedom, but he’s aware that the situation April is trapped in is serious enough where a man needs to step in and protect her, her younger brother, and her daughter.  So he’ll pretend to oppose it and let April and Sep think they are intimidating him into it.  Make sense?

So my original plan on how to get Joel hitched didn’t work.  I tried writing it and it kept falling apart.  Let’s see if what I wrote above works.

Back to topic:

I hired a professional book cover artist to make the cover for Shotgun Groom.  She specializes in romance covers.  Her name is Dara England and this is her blog on the covers she makes and information on how you can contact her if you want your romance novel cover done.  Here’s her site:  I plan to do more of my romance covers through her, so I’ll be contacting her about Sally’s book.

Oh, I’m not going to bother changing Restoring Hope’s cover.  I thought about it, but I’ve decided to let old covers remain as they are and focus on the new ones.

Okay, so without further ado (and because my kids are bugging me for dinner :P), here’s the new cover for Shotgun Groom!   Now you can see why I’m having her do more covers for me in the future.  😀

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  1. mitchelle says:

    can joel get any more handsome??? lol!

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