Interview with Tom Larson, Regarding the Wedding in Shotgun Groom

In case you missed Joel and April’s wedding, here’s the post.

Before I interview Joel and April, I wanted to bring Tom Larson in to discuss what he calls “the blessed event”.

Thanks for stopping in to talk about the wedding, Tom.

 Ruth, it’s my pleasure to be here.  I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding scene between Joel and April.  Even if I didn’t get to hold the gun, I loved every minute of watching Joel’s agony–I mean, the beginning of Joel’s new life.

Well, you do realize he’ll end up happy.

Of course, I do.  Why else would I bring Rick out to the house to marry Joel and April?  But I admit that after everything he did to me in A Bride for Tom, it’s satisfying to watch him suffer for a little while.  Just watching him tear up as he tried not to cry was worth all those times he said I’d never find a woman who’d marry me.  But at the end of the day, he’s still my brother, and I know April will make him happy.

So you don’t believe he’s better off single?

Tom and Jessica Larson

No way.  I’m a married man, and I can say from experience that life is much better with a good woman.  Sure, Jessica and I may have our arguments and trials, but the good outweighs the bad because we love each other.  Joel’s problem is that he thinks Richard, Dave, and I are miserable.  He sees us doing something for our wives and thinks we’ve lost our individuality, better known as our “manhood”.  I’m sure he’ll learn that getting married doesn’t mean you give up who you are.  It just means you become one with another person.  Separate and joined at the same time.  If you do your job as an author, he’ll come to understand that by the end of the book, and I have every confidence that you’ll get him there.

I promise by the end of the book, Joel will be glad he was forced to marry April. 

And he’ll thank me for getting Rick to marry him off.

Probably not.  He likes to give you too hard of a time for that.  

Oh, I’ll recognize it when he thanks me.  He won’t come out and say the words “thank you,” but he’ll thank me.

Can I ask why you wear a Santa Claus hat every time I interview you?

You can ask me anything you want.  You’re my favorite author in whole world because you put a gun up to Joel.  I have the wedding scene posted up on my bedroom wall and read it every time I pass it.  But for your question, the reason why I wear the Santa hat is because your writing this book is the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received!  I’m reading it right now on this computer in my lap.  Hey, I even made up an e-card for Joel to celebrate Joel and April’s marriage.  Want to see it?


"Congratulations on your marriage, Joel!" Your Loving Brother, Tom.

I even made a little heart with the groom’s hands.  I’m about to send it to Joel so he can see it on his cell phone.  I just know he’s going to hate it!  I can’t resist giving him a hard time.  What people like Richard and Dave don’t understand is that, at the end of the day, it’s all in good fun.  Joel and I give each other a hard time because we care about each other.  Why do you think I make sure I have more scenes with Joel than my other brothers?  They take life too seriously.  Joel and I aren’t afraid to laugh, even if we drive each other nuts while doing it.

Well, it’s been fun, Tom.   You’re one of the few characters who never give me a hard time.  I’ll be sure to bring in a couple more scenes between you and Joel before the end of this book. 

Thanks for letting me be a part of this masterpiece!  I can’t wait to see Sally drive Joel nuts!  She doesn’t mean to do it either, which is what makes it so much fun.

Either tomorrow or the next day, I hope to bring Joel and April in for an interview at the same time to see what their thoughts are regarding their wedding.  😀

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    LOL You used it! But you’re right, only Tom could pull that off. Good interview.

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