Two Polls: Issac’s Decision Book Cover and Suddenly a Bride

Okay.  I thought I’d ask for input today, but to make it something easy, I’m doing it as a polls.  I have a couple of things I’m having trouble deciding, and instead of going in circles, I thought I’d just ask those of you who are already familiar with my books.   You all know my writing style.  This is the one thing I do miss about the first draft blog.  I was able to interact easier with people who liked my books.  I can’t go back to a first draft blog, though.  At this point, I’ve attracted too many other writers who want to critique my work and someone who feels it’s okay to steal my books.

So, I will just do two polls to get feedback.  Ready for the questions?  Here we go.  😀

1.  Does the current cover of Isaac’s Decision make you want to buy the book?

To the right of this blog, you can see the covers for the books I’m working on.  What I’d like to know is does Isaac’s Decision work?  If you saw this cover on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, Diesel, or Sony (or maybe even my website), would you want to buy the book?  Or do you think the cover should be something more like what is on Shotgun Groom and Her Heart’s Desire?

2.  Do you want me to bring Suddenly a Bride back?  (I would get rid of Life Mate if this happened to keep things simple.)

I ask because I’ve gotten a couple requests but not enough to motivate the switch from Life Mate to Suddenly a Bride.  I learned the hard way that it’s better to listen to people who are in tune with my books than someone I never heard from before, and this is the best place I know where to find the people I trust.  This links up to Facebook, so I consider this blog an extension of my Facebook page.  😉 (Case in point of trusting you guys more than the stranger who emails me is that whole thing of changing the Virginia books–An Unlikely Place for Love, The Cold Wife, and An Inconvenient Marriage–to contemporaries back in May through June.  Then I got feedback from people who frequent this blog and are my Facebook friends and found out making that change was a huge mistake because they liked the books as they were already.)  So before I jump the gun again, I figure I better go to you guys.


I’ll keep both polls up for a week.  I want to thank everyone who’s willing to give me their opinion.  😀

As much as I hate to add a disclaimer, I have to.  Please only vote once and please don’t rally up family members and friends to vote.  When I was running a poll on whether to write Shotgun Groom or Bride of Second Chances earlier this year, there was one reader who was so enthusiastic about seeing one of those books getting done that she ran to multiple computers to vote and asked her family members to vote.  I had to subtract those votes because of it.  I want every vote to be legitimate, and I want everyone’s vote to count equally on these polls.  Thanks.  😀

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