Update on the Books I’m Working On and Ideas For a Future Contest

Today I’m doing one of those “many topics” type of posts.  A lot is on my mind, and I couldn’t decide what to write about.  Lucky you, I’m going to bore you with all of them.  😛

Where to start?  Okay.  Let’s start with the progress of my works in progress.

1.  How are the four books coming along?

a.  Bound by Honor, Bound by Love

I know it seems like I gave up on writing Bound by Honor, Bound by Love, but I haven’t.  I’ve just been figuring out how much time I want to devote to it each day.  I finally settled on 100 words a day.  Granted, it doesn’t seem like much, but I did the calculations, and I can have about 50,000 words done (which is 3/4 of the book finished) by December 2012.  So that puts the publishing date for this book around early 2013.  That will finish up the Native American series.  I thought of not doing it, but I do love Citlali and Onawa and want to see them end up happy and together.  As a warning to anyone who might not like the direction I’ll be going with the book, the characters demand I convert them to Christianity.  For Onawa, this becomes crucial because she’ll have to make a decision, and the only thing that will pull her to make the right one will have to be her faith in Christ.  So get ready: some of my faith will slip into this one.  Some people don’t like it when that happens, so I’m giving a heads-up ahead of time in case that type of thing isn’t for you.

b.  Her Heart’s Desire

I’m really enjoying Sally.  I’m only 3000 words in, since I’m doing 500 words a day at until I finish Shotgun Groom (then I’ll aim for 500-1000 words a day).  I do want to see her marry Rick halfway into the book.  I just don’t know how that’s going to happen.  The whole kidnapping or pretending to be her friend is a possibility, but I’m not sure how it’ll all play out yet.  I did start the book with Ethel Mae (her friend) introducing Sally to Rick in hopes that Rick would like Sally and leave her alone.  Of course, it doesn’t happen.  So whatever happens and however Sally ends up with Rick, Ethel Mae will be helping Sally.

c.  Isaac’s Decision

I’m very pleased with the progress of this book. I hit the 25,000 word mark last night.  I wrote almost 3000 words total for this one alone yesterday because Emily was leading me along and telling me what to write.  She’s at the point where she’s dressed up as Elmer and is learning why Isaac won’t talk to her at school.  Needless to say, she’s not too happy with Dave Larson at the moment, and while Dave doesn’t want Isaac to have anything to do with Emily, he’s been nice to Elmer in the brief scene I have of Emily talking to Dave (with her in the male disguise, of course).

At the beginning of this book, I honestly didn’t think Emily was going to have an upbeat personality.  She just comes off as closed off and serious in the first couple chapters.  Then she sees her friend Alice, and the next thing I know, the bubbly part of her personality that came through in His Redeeming Bride when she was a little girl finally comes through.  So, Kesia, it turns out she does have that optimistic bent after all.  😀

d.  Shotgun Groom

I’m just a little over 2000 words shy of 40,000 words.  I am now at the stage where Joel and April are going to start getting along.  They aren’t quite there yet, but now that they are married, they are stuck with each other and will have to make the most of it for the sake of Nora and Sep.  Today I hope to start on the Christmas day scene at the Joel Larson’s parents’ house.  And you know, I wasn’t thinking about it when I started this book, but since I plan to publish it in mid-to-late November and it takes place around Christmas, it could be considered a holiday romance, though the focus isn’t on the whole “feely good” storyline you’d expect from a holiday romance.  Meaning, that while it takes place around the season, the season is not the focus.

2.  Upcoming Contest

When Shotgun Groom is available, I will run a contest.  I get emails from people who say they can’t afford to buy my book, so the way to get a free copy is to win a contest.  Currently, Tabitha Orth, Amancay Maahs, and Kesia Sanez are getting a free ebook of Shotgun Groom because they won two free books of their choice and since they already read everything I already had out there, they opted to receive their prize when Shotgun Groom and Isaac’s Decision come out.  So Tabitha, Amancay and Kesia, you’re already covered.  😉

For others, I am going to see if I can come up with enough stuff to do so I can have ten winners.  And please note, I am only doing ebooks.  So either Amazon or Smashwords will be the way you can claim the prize.  I’m still waiting for the Nook to hop on board with the “gift a book” idea.

My current ideas for the contest are as follows:

Give me a title for the four other books I’ll need to publish for the Nebraska series in 2012.  Even if  I don’t end up writing the book in 2012, the winner still gets the prize because the title can still go to the book in the future.

Pick the pictures that will go on the covers.  You’ll need to send a link to the picture from www.dreamstime.com or www.shutterstock.com.  I prefer those two sites, so I will not accept any other links as possible entries.  Plus, I’ve already paid for credits ahead of time on those two sites.

Submit a link from Amazon on a cover from a Christian romance or clean-looking romance in the secular romance market.  You guys know from my covers that I don’t like the half-dressed woman or half-dressed man look on my covers.  I prefer people to be fully dressed.  Yeah, I might write sex scenes, but I still don’t think sex is the primary focus in my novels.  The covers that attract you might also attract me, so send links to covers that grab your attention, and if I like the layout of the cover, you’ll win.  Now, please understand I am not looking to make the exact same cover.  I am looking to for how the character(s) are placed on the cover, what the title looks like and how the background looks in relation to the character(s).  So I’m looking for format.  I don’t want to do a cover that has already been done.  I just want ideas on how to position the character(s) and background image.

So those are three ideas I have on how someone can win a free copy of Shotgun Groom when it’s out.  And between the four books, there should be ten or so winners.  I’ll have more details when Shogtun Groom is released.  I might also reserve one or two of those ideas for the contest when Isaac’s Decision is released.  So we’ll see.  😀

Since this post is already over 1000 words, I’ll publish it as is, and if I need to ramble on some more, I’ll try to save it for tomorrow.

And thanks for those who votes in my polls!  There’s still six more days to vote, but I wanted to tell everyone I’m grateful for your input.  😀

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  1. Merilyn says:

    Hi ruth,

    Jus check this picture(emily)….. http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-bride-and-groom-image18991848….. Yu can use that for interviews i guess…..

  2. Merilyn says:

    I like Dave so much……. I was waiting for his n mary’s second story…… I hope yu will do it some day…… Anyways I m looking forward to see him in Issac’s decision…….. But he’s gointa b older.. 😦

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